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What one word describes what 2011 will be like for you?

14 Dec

A few days ago I asked the question

“What one word describes what 2011 will be like for you?”

I posted this question on Facebook and Twitter.

I got some great answers, before I share my answer, here are some of the answers I got.




Next Level 


These words are more than just words to those who answered. Each word describes what each person wants for themselves for the coming year.

Whats My word?


As I enter the new year I plan on embracing more of myself, embracing my fears, my strengths and my weakness.

I will embrace what I love to do, and do it with more passion, embrace the great family and friends I have, embrace my creativity, embrace change and the list goes on.
But the major one for sure is looking my fears in the eye and moving forward knowing that these fears will hold me back only if I allow them to..and I’m not planning on letting them. Though we all know what fear feels like, fear has no life, unless we give it life, so I will embrace it, and let it know that I won’t let it be the driver of my life.

What’s your word for 2011?

 Write your word down and put it up, get emotionally connected to it.
Every time you read it, you should feel ignited..your actions should be in line with the word you choose.

Let’s embrace the deep power we have within us to create a life that is freaking and absolutely amazing..

The best time to start is NOW enter 2011 breathing the word that sets your soul on FIYA.

Kay-Ann Ward


What do you do when the professional relationship turns sour?

9 Dec

When you have worked closely with someone, put your trust in that person and make that person part of your team, its hard to stomach the fact that someone you had once thought highly of is willing to take your hard work and run with it for personal and or professional gain. Or find absolutely nothing wrong with his or her actions in doing so.

Many of us could probably recap a story of knowing someone who displayed some type of shady behavior.

My suggestion is to move on with grace
Leave the situation with your head high and your emotions in control, though you may want to let the individual feel the heat of your words, sometimes its just not worth it.

If you think its worth it to go deeper into the situation by speaking to the person involved. Prepare yourself so you’re not all over the place with your words.

Remember what your professional and personal goals are, make sure they are clear, and when you feel like your emotions are taking you in the heated direction, STOP and REMOVE yourself from the situation and review your goals.

Life is a journey and the great thing is, each experience is an opportunity to learn.

Allow yourself to learn, grow and blossom into someone even more beautiful and stronger than you were previously.

Dance * Live * Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward