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Lady BOLD Dance Workshop “Fire on the dance floor”

25 Jan

Watch this video

Lady Bold Dance Workshop
Torontos sexy and innovative urban, performance class for female dancers..Fire on the Dance Floor

Two sizzling workshops to bring out the dance vixen in you..

The 1st workshop: February 11 2011

This workshop is for beginner dancers, and ladies who would like more time to learn fundamental moves before moving to the next level, plus this is a great intro to the Lady BOLD style of dancing.

Focusing on style, performance, your feminine essence, controlling your movements, gliding across the floor in heels, and releasing your passion so you ignite with fire when you dance and of course learn a choreographed routine.

I want to make sure your comfortable, so if your a beginner and or you don’t feel ready to dance in heels, I want to help you. Take the 1st step and attend this workshop.
I will teach you, so you learn and have a better understanding of your movements, you will enjoy yourself, plus leave feeling empowered.

2nd Workshop: February 18th 2011

This is a intermediate Lady BOLD workshop.
Perfect if your comfortable dancing in heels, comfortable dancing sexy and your ready to spread your fire.

If you took the 1st workshop, then I invite you to attend the 2nd will learn more, your now ready to take what you learned and carry it over into this workshop.

Learn innovative and energetic choreography, performance skills, and style.

Don’t hesistate, embrace this part of yourself, like I said its empowering, plus your dancing and having fun.

Please note, Lady BOLD dance workshop is not a striptease class, its an actual professional performance class for female dancers, women and recreational dancers to learn dance moves catered for her body.

However when class is finished, its your choice how you want to use and pratice the moves.

Register today

Cost: $30 for both workshops
$20 for one
Time: Both workshops are 7pm-9pm
Location: Elevation Dancentre
979 Bloor street west

Please leave your name and state your registering for the Lady BOLD dance workshop, make sure you let me know if your registering for both or just one.

I can’t wait to share an empowering 4 hours with you.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact me.

Phone: 647-210-8436


Dancehall Heat Workshop: Watch this video

24 Jan

Check out this Dancehall Reggae video invite I put together for you..

Watch the video

January 28 2011


Elevation Dancentre 979 Bloor Street West

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Don’t miss it

Embrace your feminine Essence

19 Jan

Ladies there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with dancing sexy, why not, that’s like telling a man he shouldn’t dance like a man because it’s too there is no such thing as too feminine or too sexy..EMBRACE  everything about yourself..Be think and live Bold.. #LadyBold

***Next Workshop***

Lady BOLD dance workshop

Toronto’s 1st urban sexy, performance class for female dancers.
Ladies this class is for you

(Yes ladies ONLY, sorry fellas, NOOOOOO Guys allowed)

“Creatively Sexy, Intelligent and Classy, yet daring, entertaining and artistically intriguing”

Embrace everything about yourself
“Be, Live and dance Bold”

February 11 and 18th, 2011

The 1st Lady BOLD Workshop in 2010 was amazing, as to why we must do it again..

Details to come…

When the tables turn: Deuces

19 Jan

It’s funny how the tables have turned, turned in a way that makes what you do and say, so clear

It wasn’t too long ago, when I would go out of my way, do for you, never asked a question, just always there

When it was time to return the favor, it was like you couldn’t even bother, excuses on top of excuses

I see how high you think of yourself,

Now that I’ve carved a path for myself, you want to come around with your request

Sorry, I can’t go back to that place, a place of selfishness, a place of no respect

Your so use to your groupie fans jumping to your every command, adjusting there life to accomodate you

Younger days provide for future wiser days

Now that your back, I need not repeat the past that holds no room for me, a past thats about you and your manipulating alter ego…

Your ever so slick

But sorry I don’t want to be your bitch in any way
Nor do I want to be your prodige

Thanks for all the lessons learned, what I see for myself is a life of my own.

A life free to create me, you have created you, and I have enabled and helped you.

Let me do me, and its ok if your not there with me.


by Kay-Ann Ward

P.S I’m OK, I’m not dealing with relationship…,I observe life and people, and from observing I’m able to feel and write.

Dancehall Reggae Workshop January 28 2011

12 Jan

Dancehall Reggae Workshop January 28 2011

Get up and Dance, Get the Caribbean vibe in your life

Participate in one of Torontos most dynamic and intoxicating dance experience.

Learn the best Dancehall routine

Feel good and have a good time

Join Choreographer and Dancer Kay-Ann Ward for a 2 hour Dancehall Workshop.

Dancehall Heat

Date: January 28th, 2011

Time: 7pm-9pm

Location: Elevation Dancentre 979 Bloor Street West

Cost: $25 at the door $20 advance registration

Its simple all you have to do is email state that you are attending the Dancehall Heat workshop, and your name will be added to the registration list, and your good to go.

Register TODAY


Phone: 647-210-8436

Visit website

This workshop has always filled up quickly, make sure you don’t miss out on a one kind of dancehall experience. Reserve your dancing space RIGHT NOW.

A word could kick start your New Year

4 Jan

Yes you knew it was coming

You know, the post that talks about how 2010 was for you, and how we all should write our goals for 2011 down, stay focus and get to work.

Oooooh yaaaaaah..that blog

Right, well I’m not writing that….so if your looking to read that, you could check out my 2010 blog post, or some other post on focus and goals.

What I’m going to write is pretty short and sweet.

Its 2011, make it amazing and make it count for something..

What’s going to help me, is my new word.


What’s yours, if you haven’t gottten emotionally connected to a word you should, or at least just try it.

Find a word that makes your blood boil with passion, that sets your soul on fire, that will put 2011 in full throttle for you.

When you find and connect with this word, put it every where, let it help you, be the best you can be.

Read this previous blog post, this will bring you up to date with what I’m talking about. CLICK HERE

Go make it happen

I’m for real, don’t just read this and and say yes that’s a good idea, go get a pen and paper and make it happen.

Write your word down

Good luck, let me know what your word is..I’m curious to know.

Kay-Ann Ward

Question: Are we twitter or facebook friends, if not add me


(Kay-Ann Ward—>Facebook) send me a message and lets connect via Social Media.

NEW 2011 Sweat B4 U Sweat workout classes

1 Jan

Sweat B4 U Sweat Workout

A workout that pushes you, yet makes you have fun and come alive every session. Fusing music and movements from the Caribbean and urban culture with exercises that tone and reshape your body.

Attend 2 FREE classes

January 4th and 11th 2011 7pm-8pm (both classes are FREE)

Then commit to improving your health every week
Regular classes start Tuesday January 18th to Tuesday February 22 2011 7pm-8pm
(Class schedule will be updated after every 8 week session)

New Year Promotion Deal

Do you want to find out how you can still save after the holidays?

Do you want to save big on your workout?

Are you serious about joining a group workout class?

Matter of fact are you serious about your health, do you believe that you should put your health first?

If YES, and I hope you said yes, because your health is extremely important.

January and February classes will be $13.00, instead of the regular Drop in rate which is $15.00

Workout and Have Fun, with your favorite pal
$10 per person when you attend class with a friend. The cool thing is you could attend with 3 of your friends and still pay $10

Don’t procrastinate, get serious and enjoy a workout that pushes you and revives your mind-body and soul.

Register NOW email

For more information