A word could kick start your New Year

4 Jan

Yes you knew it was coming

You know, the post that talks about how 2010 was for you, and how we all should write our goals for 2011 down, stay focus and get to work.

Oooooh yaaaaaah..that blog

Right, well I’m not writing that….so if your looking to read that, you could check out my 2010 blog post, or some other post on focus and goals.

What I’m going to write is pretty short and sweet.

Its 2011, make it amazing and make it count for something..

What’s going to help me, is my new word.


What’s yours, if you haven’t gottten emotionally connected to a word you should, or at least just try it.

Find a word that makes your blood boil with passion, that sets your soul on fire, that will put 2011 in full throttle for you.

When you find and connect with this word, put it every where, let it help you, be the best you can be.

Read this previous blog post, this will bring you up to date with what I’m talking about. CLICK HERE

Go make it happen

I’m for real, don’t just read this and and say yes that’s a good idea, go get a pen and paper and make it happen.

Write your word down

Good luck, let me know what your word is..I’m curious to know.

Kay-Ann Ward

Question: Are we twitter or facebook friends, if not add me


(Kay-Ann Ward—>Facebook) send me a message and lets connect via Social Media.


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