When the tables turn: Deuces

19 Jan

It’s funny how the tables have turned, turned in a way that makes what you do and say, so clear

It wasn’t too long ago, when I would go out of my way, do for you, never asked a question, just always there

When it was time to return the favor, it was like you couldn’t even bother, excuses on top of excuses

I see how high you think of yourself,

Now that I’ve carved a path for myself, you want to come around with your request

Sorry, I can’t go back to that place, a place of selfishness, a place of no respect

Your so use to your groupie fans jumping to your every command, adjusting there life to accomodate you

Younger days provide for future wiser days

Now that your back, I need not repeat the past that holds no room for me, a past thats about you and your manipulating alter ego…

Your ever so slick

But sorry I don’t want to be your bitch in any way
Nor do I want to be your prodige

Thanks for all the lessons learned, what I see for myself is a life of my own.

A life free to create me, you have created you, and I have enabled and helped you.

Let me do me, and its ok if your not there with me.


by Kay-Ann Ward

P.S I’m OK, I’m not dealing with relationship drama..lol…,I observe life and people, and from observing I’m able to feel and write.


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