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Recap of the Lady BOLD dance workshops

21 Feb

I’m so inspired and proud of the dancers and non dancers that attended the intro/beginner and intermediate Lady BOLD dance workshops.

They came to class, with their sexiest heels, and they embraced what I had to teach them.

They explored something new, and I couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks ladies, you all did a great job.

Special thanks to I Queen Magazine (Click here to visit website) and The Dancers of Toronto blogspot (Click here to visit website)  for promoting the Lady BOLD Dance Workshop.

I will be teaching more LB workshops, I will keep you all posted.



Are you too tired to workout after a long day?

17 Feb

 I definitely understand when someone tells me how tired they are at the end of the day, and how they really want to workout but because they hardly get the time to relax, they put off their workout for the next day and the next day..and you get the drift.

Yes I have to agree, its tough to pull it all together and get yourself to workout after a long day, it gets more complicated when you have a list of things to do after you finish your workout.

But it’s not impossible. This just means you need to make some changes and some changes may be harder than others..but repeat this..its not impossible to get your workout completed..and I know this because I’ve been there.

Here’s my tip for getting my workout completed

I’ve had to become aware of my thoughts. The minute I start to feel tired, that’s when I start to tell myself, just relax, stay home, or go home and sleep you deserve it. And believe me, the thought of sleep always entice me.

But like I said I’ve had to become conscious of my thoughts, so before I get to that point, I try extremely hard to stay focus on keeping my energy up for the day, and when it drops, I start to think of my goals, and why going to the gym will help me obtain my goals, of good health, feeling amazing, having the endurance and strength needed to perform, and the list goes on.

Like I said I know what its like to feel dead tired. But it’s not impossible to get your workout completed, do it, you will be happy you did. Keep your workout goals clear, know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and let that be your focus.

Add some life to  your workout, bring music, bring a friend, one that is focus, and one that doesn’t waste time.

When you complete your workout, don’t forget to congratulate yourself. Because it’s not always easy. And I admit that myself.

I love to dance but where do I fit in?

17 Feb

In a room filled with moving bodies, energy, excitement, colors, and can’t help but ask yourself do I fit in, and if so where do I fit in..or maybe you stick with the know what I don’t fit in, I’m not going to try to fit it, I’ll just be me..

Yet without knowing it, or maybe you do, deep down you want to be accepted you want to be want someone to come over and say hey I see you, or matter of fact you don’t mind if someone got up and announced to everyone, hey I see this dope dancer, I know your there, and I know what you offer is amazing..

Actually, you wouldn’t mind if the person that got up, is well-known and highly respected, and that person calls you out and praises you, that way people would really know who you are, they would really pay attention to you. That they would recognize your talent, your style, your personality and who you are…but until then, or maybe never, you feel feel like a stamp is on you, that says “Oh that’s just a dancer taking class, she or he is nobody”

As a dancer and choreographer I’ve  personally felt this, I’ve witness and heard other dancers speak of this feeling..

My words on this matter is yes you are somebody…competition is high, but your presence is live and inspire to be the fullest..come alive when you dance. Hold your head up, even when you’re not the one to be put in the buff line

Let your passion shine. With time someone will recognize, and even if they don’t, you need to recognize that your more than just a body in the dance class, your dream,  and your presence is important..

Your not a nobody..recognize that, and let that guide you.

The divine power in me

17 Feb

I asked my amazing facebook friends to share some quotes with me, and they did. I was in the mood to be inspired by other people and to connect with quotes that inspired them.

Someone recommended I look into Iyanla Vanzant.

I did and I found something so beautiful, I had to share it.

Here it is, it’s a great read before you start your day.

The divine power in me

There is a divine power seeking its expression in me, as me and through me.
The instrument of divine power is my mind.
Today, I believe in the divine power within me.
I believe in the power of where I AM.
I understand that this is a power of good and of God
I realize the power flows through me at all times.
Today, I accept the presence of divine power within me.
Today, I believe he power is operating in all of my life’s affairs.
Today, I acknowledge that there is a divine power instructing me in all that i do.
Today, I affirm divine power as the active presence of joy and happiness in my life.
Today. I deliberately turn from everything and everyone that denies the reality of divine power in me, as me and through me.
Today, I know every atom, every cell, every tissue. every organ in my body  is brought into divine health and harmony.
Today, i know every shadow of doubt, worry and fear is dispelled as I Am quickened with divine power of the living spirit in me.
Today,  I Am graced with the presence of divine power.
Today, I Am blessed with the love of divine power.
Today, I Am strong in the glory of divine power.
Today, I know I Am the instrument through which the divine power is working.
Today, I affirm that the divine power within me now breathes newness into my being and every aspect of my life.
I Am  filled with good.I  Am filled with light. I Am filled  with faith. I Am filled with truth of my being, which is  enduring dynamic, and divine.”

Iyanla Vanzant

6 tips for dancers to practice

7 Feb

6 tips for dancers to practice

I list 6 tips that I practice. These tips have helped me and continue to help me. I’m sharing them with you because I believe when we work together and share insights we create a platform to be better dance professionals.

1) Be yourself.

There’s only one you, you can’t be the dancer beside you or on TV, you can learn from them but don’t try to be them, be your own great dancer and your own great choreographer.

2) Warm up and take time to stretch.

Many dancers over look this because they think its ok, or they are just too lazy to do it. (I’ve been that dancer)
Before you dance, gradually increase your blood flow, warm up your muscles. And when your finish cool down. Every dance teacher is different, so if you need to warm up and cool down by yourself, then do that. Your body is your tool, that’s what you use to communicate when you dance, so take care of it.

3) Never dance lazy.

Dance FULL OUT, execute your moves. If you practice lazy, chances are your going to dance and perform lazy.
Even if the teacher says walk the routine don’t perform it. That’s fine, do the moves FULL OUT, just don’t perform. How would you know what to correct if when you take a class and or rehearse your being lazy. Sometimes its easy to get comfortable and say..oh I got this move, I’ve booked so many jobs, so I don’t need to dance FULL OUT..just remember the dancer beside you is hungry, so if your not eating your food, they will eat it for you. Plus, set an example, let your teacher or choreographer know that your serious.

4) Take a variety of classes.

If your good at one style, take another class that pushes you, you may not be great at this new class, but your building your movement vocabulary and that comes in handy, especially when its time to freestyle. So take a variety of classes.

5) Be professional.

Arrive to classes, rehearsals and or shows on time. If your going to be late, call.
Treat your teacher, choreographer and dance peers with respect. Keep business, business, build professional and good relationships. Don’t be a good dancer with a bad reputation of being hard to work with, if so your career may end sooner than later.

6) Don’t beat yourself up, and don’t give up.

Yes your going to and will have bad days, yes your going to have times when you have no money and yes you will have times you feel like other dancers and or choreographers are against you. But don’t give up.
Learn to say no to people and situations that exploit your talent.
Stand up for yourself and your craft.
Educate yourself about your profession, so your in the know.
This will allow you to make good working decisions. Your only human, don’t beat yourself up when challenges present themselves to you, embrace the challenge, deal with it, learn from it, and never ever give up. Everyone has there time, if you love what you are doing, stick to it.


Kay-Ann Ward

6 quick tips to make sure you enjoy yourself at the Lady BOLD dance workshop .

7 Feb

So you’re attending the Lady BOLD workshop and or your just thinking about it.

Here are 6 quick tips to make sure you enjoy yourself.

1) Be yourself. Don’t compare yourself to the next female dancer

2) Embrace yourself, you may or may not be use to dancing sexy and or emoting certain emotions. That’s ok. Embrace that this is new. If you’re a pro, that’s fine continue to embrace your feminine essence.

3) Not all workshops require heels, but for the ones that do require heels. Bring heels that your comfortable in. If you have never danced in heels before, then bring low heels. Don’t dance in six inch stilletos if you have never walked in them before.

4) Push yourself. Don’t give up, not everyone will pick up all the moves at the same time, it’s ok. Dance and dance full-out all the time. Do each dance move with purpose and explode on the dance floor.

5) Sexy does not mean trashy..unless it’s asked that you be trashy, keep it classy.

6) Enjoy yourself and have fun.

An emotional trigger, how committed are you?

1 Feb

I’m currently rehearsing for a play coming up…I will let you know the details soon.

Here’s what I want to share

After rehearsal one of the directors asked everyone how committed they are to the play.
He stated that he was 100% committed to making sure that he goes through with the play and that it is successful.

And when he said that he set off something in me.

Him saying that to himself and to the group was a powerful self motivation tool. It was motivation for himself and it was motivation for the team.
He said he will do what it takes to make sure the play is successful.

How does this concern you

Well the next time you start something..ask yourself  “Am I committed, how committed am I, what am I willing and not willing to do?”

This will allow you to see if your truly going to put in the work necessary to succeed at your task or goal.

But you have to be honest with yourself, because your only lying and hurting yourself when you say “I’m committed” When you know deep down inside, your not at all committed.

Don’t waste your time and the time of others.

Get and stay committed, you have the tool, you just have to follow through with it, and to follow through be honest with yourself.

Kay-Ann Ward