An emotional trigger, how committed are you?

1 Feb

I’m currently rehearsing for a play coming up…I will let you know the details soon.

Here’s what I want to share

After rehearsal one of the directors asked everyone how committed they are to the play.
He stated that he was 100% committed to making sure that he goes through with the play and that it is successful.

And when he said that he set off something in me.

Him saying that to himself and to the group was a powerful self motivation tool. It was motivation for himself and it was motivation for the team.
He said he will do what it takes to make sure the play is successful.

How does this concern you

Well the next time you start something..ask yourself  “Am I committed, how committed am I, what am I willing and not willing to do?”

This will allow you to see if your truly going to put in the work necessary to succeed at your task or goal.

But you have to be honest with yourself, because your only lying and hurting yourself when you say “I’m committed” When you know deep down inside, your not at all committed.

Don’t waste your time and the time of others.

Get and stay committed, you have the tool, you just have to follow through with it, and to follow through be honest with yourself.

Kay-Ann Ward


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