6 quick tips to make sure you enjoy yourself at the Lady BOLD dance workshop .

7 Feb

So you’re attending the Lady BOLD workshop and or your just thinking about it.

Here are 6 quick tips to make sure you enjoy yourself.

1) Be yourself. Don’t compare yourself to the next female dancer

2) Embrace yourself, you may or may not be use to dancing sexy and or emoting certain emotions. That’s ok. Embrace that this is new. If you’re a pro, that’s fine continue to embrace your feminine essence.

3) Not all workshops require heels, but for the ones that do require heels. Bring heels that your comfortable in. If you have never danced in heels before, then bring low heels. Don’t dance in six inch stilletos if you have never walked in them before.

4) Push yourself. Don’t give up, not everyone will pick up all the moves at the same time, it’s ok. Dance and dance full-out all the time. Do each dance move with purpose and explode on the dance floor.

5) Sexy does not mean trashy..unless it’s asked that you be trashy, keep it classy.

6) Enjoy yourself and have fun.


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