6 tips for dancers to practice

7 Feb

6 tips for dancers to practice

I list 6 tips that I practice. These tips have helped me and continue to help me. I’m sharing them with you because I believe when we work together and share insights we create a platform to be better dance professionals.

1) Be yourself.

There’s only one you, you can’t be the dancer beside you or on TV, you can learn from them but don’t try to be them, be your own great dancer and your own great choreographer.

2) Warm up and take time to stretch.

Many dancers over look this because they think its ok, or they are just too lazy to do it. (I’ve been that dancer)
Before you dance, gradually increase your blood flow, warm up your muscles. And when your finish cool down. Every dance teacher is different, so if you need to warm up and cool down by yourself, then do that. Your body is your tool, that’s what you use to communicate when you dance, so take care of it.

3) Never dance lazy.

Dance FULL OUT, execute your moves. If you practice lazy, chances are your going to dance and perform lazy.
Even if the teacher says walk the routine don’t perform it. That’s fine, do the moves FULL OUT, just don’t perform. How would you know what to correct if when you take a class and or rehearse your being lazy. Sometimes its easy to get comfortable and say..oh I got this move, I’ve booked so many jobs, so I don’t need to dance FULL OUT..just remember the dancer beside you is hungry, so if your not eating your food, they will eat it for you. Plus, set an example, let your teacher or choreographer know that your serious.

4) Take a variety of classes.

If your good at one style, take another class that pushes you, you may not be great at this new class, but your building your movement vocabulary and that comes in handy, especially when its time to freestyle. So take a variety of classes.

5) Be professional.

Arrive to classes, rehearsals and or shows on time. If your going to be late, call.
Treat your teacher, choreographer and dance peers with respect. Keep business, business, build professional and good relationships. Don’t be a good dancer with a bad reputation of being hard to work with, if so your career may end sooner than later.

6) Don’t beat yourself up, and don’t give up.

Yes your going to and will have bad days, yes your going to have times when you have no money and yes you will have times you feel like other dancers and or choreographers are against you. But don’t give up.
Learn to say no to people and situations that exploit your talent.
Stand up for yourself and your craft.
Educate yourself about your profession, so your in the know.
This will allow you to make good working decisions. Your only human, don’t beat yourself up when challenges present themselves to you, embrace the challenge, deal with it, learn from it, and never ever give up. Everyone has there time, if you love what you are doing, stick to it.


Kay-Ann Ward


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