I love to dance but where do I fit in?

17 Feb

In a room filled with moving bodies, energy, excitement, colors, and style..you can’t help but ask yourself do I fit in, and if so where do I fit in..or maybe you stick with the other..you know what I don’t fit in, I’m not going to try to fit it, I’ll just be me..

Yet without knowing it, or maybe you do, deep down you want to be accepted you want to be acknowledged..you want someone to come over and say hey I see you, or matter of fact you don’t mind if someone got up and announced to everyone, hey I see this dope dancer, I know your there, and I know what you offer is amazing..

Actually, you wouldn’t mind if the person that got up, is well-known and highly respected, and that person calls you out and praises you, that way people would really know who you are, they would really pay attention to you. That they would recognize your talent, your style, your personality and who you are…but until then, or maybe never, you feel unrecognizable..you feel like a stamp is on you, that says “Oh that’s just a dancer taking class, she or he is nobody”

As a dancer and choreographer I’ve  personally felt this, I’ve witness and heard other dancers speak of this feeling..

My words on this matter is yes you are somebody…competition is high, but your presence is higher..dance live and inspire to be the fullest..come alive when you dance. Hold your head up, even when you’re not the one to be put in the buff line

Let your passion shine. With time someone will recognize, and even if they don’t, you need to recognize that your more than just a body in the dance class, your dream,  and your presence is important..

Your not a nobody..recognize that, and let that guide you.


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