The divine power in me

17 Feb

I asked my amazing facebook friends to share some quotes with me, and they did. I was in the mood to be inspired by other people and to connect with quotes that inspired them.

Someone recommended I look into Iyanla Vanzant.

I did and I found something so beautiful, I had to share it.

Here it is, it’s a great read before you start your day.

The divine power in me

There is a divine power seeking its expression in me, as me and through me.
The instrument of divine power is my mind.
Today, I believe in the divine power within me.
I believe in the power of where I AM.
I understand that this is a power of good and of God
I realize the power flows through me at all times.
Today, I accept the presence of divine power within me.
Today, I believe he power is operating in all of my life’s affairs.
Today, I acknowledge that there is a divine power instructing me in all that i do.
Today, I affirm divine power as the active presence of joy and happiness in my life.
Today. I deliberately turn from everything and everyone that denies the reality of divine power in me, as me and through me.
Today, I know every atom, every cell, every tissue. every organ in my body  is brought into divine health and harmony.
Today, i know every shadow of doubt, worry and fear is dispelled as I Am quickened with divine power of the living spirit in me.
Today,  I Am graced with the presence of divine power.
Today, I Am blessed with the love of divine power.
Today, I Am strong in the glory of divine power.
Today, I know I Am the instrument through which the divine power is working.
Today, I affirm that the divine power within me now breathes newness into my being and every aspect of my life.
I Am  filled with good.I  Am filled with light. I Am filled  with faith. I Am filled with truth of my being, which is  enduring dynamic, and divine.”

Iyanla Vanzant


One Response to “The divine power in me”

  1. La Toya Roobinson February 17, 2011 at 1:44 pm #

    Iyanla is the truth!!!
    I read her book “Until Today!” every morning and it helps me reflect…i’ve blogged a couple passages on my page as well but u definitely have to get her books….soooooo inspiring! I’m upset that i missed her on Oprah the other day 😦

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