Important class update

5 Apr

What will happen to the Dancehall, Sweat B4 U Sweat and Lady Bold classes?

All dance, fitness classes and workshops will be postponed until further notice.

I do expect to get back to teaching, because I enjoy it very much. And I know I will miss it, but I have to put my health first.

Once I know when I will be back up and dancing again, I will let you all know.

Will Night of Essence still happen?

For sure, for sure. Without a doubt Night of Essence is still taking place May 29th at 6 Degrees Event Venue.

This showcase is dear to my heart, and I’m excited to see all the performances that these talented ladies have up their sleeves.

We have an amazing line up of singers, dancers, choreographers, and more.

What are you doing with all this free time?

Because I’m not very mobile. I’ve decided to become more of a student.

I’ve asked the universe to let me know what I need to do and learn at this particular time in my life.

If it was all up to me, I would jump back into getting myself busy, but maybe that’s why I’m injured. Maybe I need to not be so darn busy.

So I’m here. I plan to write, awaken my senses and creativity, read, listen to music, heal myself (mind, body and soul). I also plan to be still.

But to be honest “This is where I am right now, and right now is where I need to be.”

Read the previous blog post, to find out what happened…CLICK HERE


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