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A Dancehall Reggae and Sexy Urban Dance Class taught by Kay-Ann Ward

25 May

2 dance classes for the price of 1

The weather is warming up, and there is no better place than the dance studio to learn the hottest moves.

Join the founder of Night of Essence and Bold Movement Production and Entertainment Company, Kay-Ann Ward for a workshop not to be missed.

She is back and ready to teach not one but two back to back classes.

Lady Bold Dance Class

This class is A sexy urban performance class for female dancers and women looking to dance and learn in a professional environment. The dance moves are made for a womens body. With emphasis on style, performance, execution, dancing with props etc.

  • It’s perfect for dancers who dance in the commercial and entertainment industry.
  • Perfect for women who want to dance and learn at a professional level, but do not want to pursue dance as a career.

 Level: Intermediate/Beginners

Dancehall Heat

 This class is for all the dancehall lovers. Its energetic, sexy and never fails to deliver the moves that the world has fallen in love with, it’s energetice and full of style.

Level: Intermediate/Beginner


Lady Bold: 7pm-8:15pm

 Dancehall Heat: 8:15pm-9:30pm

Cost: $20 for both workshops or $13 for one class

(This is a special deal, one workshop usually cost $25. However you are getting two classes at a major discount)


Both classes are expected to fill up.

 Registration is required. NO DROP INS. Because past workshops have been sold out, we want to make sure there is room in the workshop for those that register.

Register today

Don’t miss.

June 12th, 2011 at 6 Degrees Event Venue

Get your tickets TODAY

Early Bird tickets are now on sale for $20. This sale ends this Friday May 20th, 2011..CLICK HERE to get your tickets or get them at Play De Record

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Just one of those days

17 May

Hmmm just one of those days.

You know the kind, when you wake up, you go through your to do list for the day, but for some reason your mind can’t connect to how and where your going to find the energy to do anything.

You look outside and realize its cloudy, its raining, and all you want to do is climb back in bed..that sounds nice doesn’t it..well to me it did, but the day must go on, especially with a show to plan.

Then like walking into a brick wall, I’m hit with the sleep bug, dead slap in the middle of the day. Where did that come from…I think it came from the big brunch I had, it was real good, but definitely the kind that puts you to sleep after.

I came back home, put on the sweat shirt and sweat pants, slipped in a nap, and felt awful because I was like, I have work to do, I can’t afford a

Then woke up, started working, only to feel achy, body is hot, then cold, eyes hurt…so this is it…I’m getting sick..

I knew the day didn’t feel right..

So it’s just one of those days..not a bad one, my day was actually good, it was very productive, even though I took a nap..

But it’s still one of those days, where you could see the dark fog just hanging over you, everything is done in slow motion..

Well what came out of this slow motion and foggy day..hmmmm well I’m now watching a girly flick or a chick flick as they call it and I’m going to go to bed early..I hope.

Whats missing is ice…I’m playing..but I will enjoy the rest of my slow motion and foggy day:)

Whats your style for the summer

12 May

Summer is around the corner….well don’t we all hope this is the case..

What’s your style plan for the summer, are you planning on trying something new, sticking with the same style, or mixing it up.?

We’ll I’ve always been a fan of style and mixing and matching clothing to make it fab.

For some reason, I’ve kind of let this side of me die, until I’ve been injured.
It’s like my senses awakened again, and my eyes opened to the beauty of putting clothes, and emotions together.

I’m loving that’s what’s on my summer to do list.

Its embracing the fun side of dressing up. I guess, its called being a

I’ve never considered myself a girly girly..though I love style, I don’t think I’m a girly girly..but I’m learning..

Another goal is to look fab at a low-cost, I’m not a fan of spending an arm and a leg on anything, we do need to splurge every now and then, but overall, I like to keep money in my pocket or spend it on great food, and family time like vacations
Oh I have to add, I splurge on bags, shoes, and accesories..but that’s another blog post..

So whatever your summer style is..let’s share it with each other..I’m no style or fashion writer or expert, I just love to talk it up with creative risk takers..

If you found an item at a low-cost, let me know. If you put together an amazing outfit from the items in your junk box, then let me know..
(Don’t laugh the junk box outfits are some of the best)

So let’s be great this summer. Let’s have a stylish and fun summer. I’ll share my coming out into a girly girly tales with you…

WIN 2 FREE Tickets to Night of Essence

4 May

Everyone loves FREE things

So why not giveaway 2 FREE tickets every week to our loyal followers.

Yes we are giving away 2 tickets via weekly Twitter and Facebook contest.

All of the contest are pretty simple, all the answers are located on the Night of Essence website, blog or facebook page.

The 1st contest is the easiest contest of them all.

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Also make sure you read all the details and rules of the contest we don’t want you to miss out on FREE tickets because you didnt follow the rules.

Good luck.

Date: June 12th, 2011

Time: Doors open at 8pm Show starts at 9pm

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Night of Essence is finally here

4 May

I’m sooo excited to say it’s finally here..

Night of Essence “A Dance and Entertainment Showcase”

Is taking place on June 12th 2011 at the super classy 6 Degrees Event Venue.

The theme for this showcase is called She Rocks and we are celebrating and showcasing the untamed creativity of the cities most talented ladies.

Enjoy an amazing night of performances from the cities best, an event that satisfies, pleases and entertains you.

Visit the website click here

Visit the blog click here

Early bird tickets are now available until May 20th 2011.

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Dont miss this amazing show.

Injury prevention for Dancers

4 May

Thank goodness for the internet, with 24hr access to information just by a click of a mouse, it makes life so much better.

After I was injured I immediately went to the internet to do my research, to  find out what other dancers and fitness professionals had to say about being injured especially a meniscus and or ACL tear.

And of course the results came up in hundreds.

Dancers, athletes and doctors shared their thoughts on injuries that could end someones career within seconds.

What caught me, was when someone wrote..the dancers who are more likely to be injured, are the ones who are not educated about injury prevention and of course they had urban dancers as number 1 on that list.

Because many freestyle and urban dancers are not properly educated about stretching, warming up, and how to listen to the body, a major and negative result of that is an injury that sets them back.

Now that really sucks..but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m not writing this blog, to be like, let me save you, I have all these amazing answers, not at all.

I’m saying and I’m saying from experience and I’m pretty sure those who have had an injury that affected their mobility could say this as well…is that we need to think of our bodies as golden,

Treat it with respect, listen to it, and take care of it.

We can’t prevent everything.

But we can sure educate ourselves.

Just using the body to produce great work and not giving it what it needs to function well, is detrimental.

So do yourself a favor, educate yourself on what you need as a dancer.

You need rest, you need to eat properly, warm up, cool down, listen to when your body says enough is enough, take a day off, get a massage at least once a month, take a yoga class, participate in strengthening exercises every week..its not enough to just dance and say that’s my workout, you need to strengthen your muscles..

Here is one that’s extremely important, GET INSURANCE.

At the end of the don’t want to be left with an injury that takes you out of commission completely..

Be smart, take the leader role in your career, you are not just a back ground dancer, you still have a family, friends, and a life you want to enjoy. You want to be a healthy 50-year-old, not a 50-year-old dealing with poor health decisions made because you really wanted to dance. The choice is yours.

Kay-Ann Ward