Injury prevention for Dancers

4 May

Thank goodness for the internet, with 24hr access to information just by a click of a mouse, it makes life so much better.

After I was injured I immediately went to the internet to do my research, to  find out what other dancers and fitness professionals had to say about being injured especially a meniscus and or ACL tear.

And of course the results came up in hundreds.

Dancers, athletes and doctors shared their thoughts on injuries that could end someones career within seconds.

What caught me, was when someone wrote..the dancers who are more likely to be injured, are the ones who are not educated about injury prevention and of course they had urban dancers as number 1 on that list.

Because many freestyle and urban dancers are not properly educated about stretching, warming up, and how to listen to the body, a major and negative result of that is an injury that sets them back.

Now that really sucks..but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m not writing this blog, to be like, let me save you, I have all these amazing answers, not at all.

I’m saying and I’m saying from experience and I’m pretty sure those who have had an injury that affected their mobility could say this as well…is that we need to think of our bodies as golden,

Treat it with respect, listen to it, and take care of it.

We can’t prevent everything.

But we can sure educate ourselves.

Just using the body to produce great work and not giving it what it needs to function well, is detrimental.

So do yourself a favor, educate yourself on what you need as a dancer.

You need rest, you need to eat properly, warm up, cool down, listen to when your body says enough is enough, take a day off, get a massage at least once a month, take a yoga class, participate in strengthening exercises every week..its not enough to just dance and say that’s my workout, you need to strengthen your muscles..

Here is one that’s extremely important, GET INSURANCE.

At the end of the don’t want to be left with an injury that takes you out of commission completely..

Be smart, take the leader role in your career, you are not just a back ground dancer, you still have a family, friends, and a life you want to enjoy. You want to be a healthy 50-year-old, not a 50-year-old dealing with poor health decisions made because you really wanted to dance. The choice is yours.

Kay-Ann Ward


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