Whats your style for the summer

12 May

Summer is around the corner….well don’t we all hope this is the case..

What’s your style plan for the summer, are you planning on trying something new, sticking with the same style, or mixing it up.?

We’ll I’ve always been a fan of style and mixing and matching clothing to make it fab.

For some reason, I’ve kind of let this side of me die, until I’ve been injured.
It’s like my senses awakened again, and my eyes opened to the beauty of putting clothes, and emotions together.

I’m loving it..so that’s what’s on my summer to do list.

Its embracing the fun side of dressing up. I guess, its called being a girl..lol

I’ve never considered myself a girly girly..though I love style, I don’t think I’m a girly girly..but I’m learning..

Another goal is to look fab at a low-cost, I’m not a fan of spending an arm and a leg on anything, we do need to splurge every now and then, but overall, I like to keep money in my pocket or spend it on great food, and family time like vacations
Oh I have to add, I splurge on bags, shoes, and accesories..but that’s another blog post..

So whatever your summer style is..let’s share it with each other..I’m no style or fashion writer or expert, I just love to talk it up with creative risk takers..

If you found an item at a low-cost, let me know. If you put together an amazing outfit from the items in your junk box, then let me know..
(Don’t laugh the junk box outfits are some of the best)

So let’s be great this summer. Let’s have a stylish and fun summer. I’ll share my coming out into a girly girly tales with you…


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