Just one of those days

17 May

Hmmm just one of those days.

You know the kind, when you wake up, you go through your to do list for the day, but for some reason your mind can’t connect to how and where your going to find the energy to do anything.

You look outside and realize its cloudy, its raining, and all you want to do is climb back in bed..that sounds nice doesn’t it..well to me it did, but the day must go on, especially with a show to plan.

Then like walking into a brick wall, I’m hit with the sleep bug, dead slap in the middle of the day. Where did that come from…I think it came from the big brunch I had, it was real good, but definitely the kind that puts you to sleep after.

I came back home, put on the sweat shirt and sweat pants, slipped in a nap, and felt awful because I was like, I have work to do, I can’t afford a nap..lol

Then woke up, started working, only to feel achy, body is hot, then cold, eyes hurt…so this is it…I’m getting sick..

I knew the day didn’t feel right..

So it’s just one of those days..not a bad one, my day was actually good, it was very productive, even though I took a nap..

But it’s still one of those days, where you could see the dark fog just hanging over you, everything is done in slow motion..

Well what came out of this slow motion and foggy day..hmmmm well I’m now watching a girly flick or a chick flick as they call it and I’m going to go to bed early..I hope.

Whats missing is ice cream..lol…I’m playing..but I will enjoy the rest of my slow motion and foggy day:)


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