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If you say your going to do it, just do it

29 Jun

Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure “Sarcastic voice” of dealing with smooth talkers.

When you say your going to do something it’s always best to do it, but life happens and it’s not always possible, all you need to do is be honest and own up to the aftermath of not being able to follow through.

However let’s be real, what is straight disrespectful is telling someone your going to do something, and not do it, not saying you can’t do it and just sitting there as if nothing happened. that’s the kind of smooth talker I’m talking about. The ones that talk it up, how great they are, but fail miserably to deliver.
Being able to sell yourself is great, being able to offer a great product is amazing, however when its time to deliver what you say you can deliver is even better. Accountability is key, and I’ve experience the other side of dealing with service providers, and individuals who talk a whole lot of smooth shit to get your business, your attention, your money, but when its time to deliver on what they promised, excuses, and everything else comes into play. Even excuses that has nothing to do with the situation..thats why its an excuse..its just not feasible.

Hold yourself accountable to what you say your going to do, if your offering to help, if your offering a service follow through with it.

Not only is your reputation on the line, but someone is trusting you and believing in you.

I’ve dealt with people, who have come to me out of the blue and offered to do things, and didn’t follow through, like are you serious, why are you wasting your time and my time.

I’ve dealt with service providers who have talked up how great they are, and what they will do, and have failed to deliver. They have provided all the excuses in the book except providing the service they said they would, and I’m pretty forgiving, however what was also bad, is not owning up to what they said, just gliding through the situation as if nothing happened, or the service stops after they received the money.

I believe in people, I enjoy interacting with people, I enjoy finding ways we can help each other, so let’s concentrate on being reliable and trusting individuals, not money seeking and opportunity sucking leeches. We all want to succeed, we all want the best, we are also selfish in nature, and that’s understandable, but lets keep it healthy, just do what it is you say your going to do. and if you go above and beyond that’s icing on the cake.



Life Essential: Get out and about

25 Jun

Who doesn’t like to have a good time and soak up all the festivities of summer…I know I do, I’m a summer bug, I love the heat, the food, the festivals, the entertainment, I love and I say love everything about this time of year.

Get out and about and enjoy whats out there, if money is an issue, there is always a free event to go to. Dundas Square is famous for having free festivals, and entertainment. You see street performers doing their thing, you get lost in the artistic expression of the trend setters in the city.

I think its essential that you get out and about this summer, enjoy yourself, when I hear someone say there is nothing to do, my answer is “Your really not looking for something to do, because if you were looking, you will find something.”

Get up, put yourself together, because when you look good you feel good, when you feel good you look good, and get out by yourself or with your friends, take pictures and enjoy..


FREE Dancehall Reggae and Lady Bold Classes

22 Jun

New classes starting in July.

So excited..Here is whats to come for the very hot month of july.


If you have never tried Dancehall Reggae and the Lady Bold classes, now is the perfect time to do so.  I’m teaching two demo classes. Dancehall Reggae and Lady Bold. Its FREE, and you get the opportunity to sample the classes before you register for the sessions and workshops. So come with your friends, and learn some hot moves.

Date: June 28th, 2011

Time: 7pm-8:30pm

Location: Elevation Dancentre 979 Bloor Street West

Cost: FREE

Class sessions

Beginner Dancehall Reggae and Lady Bold classes starting in July. These classes are intro classes that prepare you for the workshops.

Both classes will be starting July 5th, 2011

Dancehall Reggae: July 5th, 12 and 19 at 7pm-8pm

Lady Bold: July 5, 12 and 19 at 8pm-9pm

Lady Bold is a dance style that was created by Kay-Ann Ward to describe the essence and choreography of a womans creativity and movements.

This style fuses the raw and creative movements of urban dance with sexy, sleek, powerful and stylish dance moves that are catering to a womans body and attitude. Lady Bold encourages women to own their strength, creativity and sensuality on the dance floor, while remaining true to the art form of dance and movement.

Dancehall Reggae class: An upbeat and energetic class, that teaches you choreography and fundamental moves from the dancehall and Caribbean culture. Dance to the best dancehall music, let go. Known as one of the best dancehall classes in the city, your guaranteed to have a good time.

Details to come later on today, plus workshop info.

Be Yourself even if it means you will stand out

20 Jun

A new week is a head of us and summer is here, well tomorrow is actually the 1st day of summer, but today feels just as great

With so much to look forward to I want to paste this message in your brain.

Just in case it’s not there, just in case someone is pressuring, or giving you hints that you should be different.

Be Yourself
Be who you are
Just be, just live

Be great, be amazing be you

I love this song by Lady Gaga.

I know we all have seen and heard this song before, but it doesn’t hurt to listen to it again, be inspired, and let the message grow within us.

Enjoy your week, set your goals, and go on that journey.

Let’s start the week together.

Do you have a quote or a daily must do that helps you start your day right.

Let me know

Loved the message from The Green Lantern

17 Jun

I went to the movies last night to watch The Green its the comic book that turned into a movie.

I’m not here to talk about the movie and all the fights and stunts, I’m here to share the message of the movie.

I loved and I have to say loved that the super hero got his powers from his will power..I know your probably like “Kay-Ann…really, so now you’re babbling about super hero powers..girl get a grip”

I’m serious and I will always babble when I’m inspired and have something great to share.

The movie talked about FEAR, which holds us back and takes our energy, and WILL POWER which enables us to do anything we want, and to be able to do anything we want, we have to truly believe and train our will power, train it to notice when fear is around and train it to look fear in the eye and still believe and know that you can do whatever you want.

Now I know most ladies are not into these kinds of movies, which is understandable..but hey, its worth seeing, and the message is great.

So my final thought is..always believe you can do it, it starts with believe and the will to make it happen. Now go on with your great self and make it happen, go a head and create a life that is just the way you want it, go a head and live, go a head and make the changes you need, go a head and enjoy life.

Whats next for you

15 Jun

Is it possible to learn so much in such a short period of time..I think so, depending on what your experience is, depending on your journey,its possible to have a life changing moment that opens you up to wonders.

Night of Essence “She Rocks” just wrapped up on Sunday, it was a great show and a great experience. I learned so much about myself, about people, about producing, its hard to sum it up and put it into words. Overall its a blessing, and one that I’m truly thank for.

Someone asked whats next for Night of Essence and whats next for me..well I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut, and just do whats next, so I hope your all still with me on this journey..because somethings tells me its going to be nice.