Loved the message from The Green Lantern

17 Jun

I went to the movies last night to watch The Green its the comic book that turned into a movie.

I’m not here to talk about the movie and all the fights and stunts, I’m here to share the message of the movie.

I loved and I have to say loved that the super hero got his powers from his will power..I know your probably like “Kay-Ann…really, so now you’re babbling about super hero powers..girl get a grip”

I’m serious and I will always babble when I’m inspired and have something great to share.

The movie talked about FEAR, which holds us back and takes our energy, and WILL POWER which enables us to do anything we want, and to be able to do anything we want, we have to truly believe and train our will power, train it to notice when fear is around and train it to look fear in the eye and still believe and know that you can do whatever you want.

Now I know most ladies are not into these kinds of movies, which is understandable..but hey, its worth seeing, and the message is great.

So my final thought is..always believe you can do it, it starts with believe and the will to make it happen. Now go on with your great self and make it happen, go a head and create a life that is just the way you want it, go a head and live, go a head and make the changes you need, go a head and enjoy life.


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