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A FREE Dancehall/Soca show and 3 Dance Workshops also for FREE

27 Jul

One of the most anticipated and exciting weekend is here, yes it’s that time again.

The 2011 Scotia Bank Caribbean Carnival is taking place this Saturday. It was formerly known as Caribana, but the name change doesn’t affect the excitement the energy and the vibes.

There is lots planned for the weekend, and they are all free, so join me for a memorable weekend.

I have an amazing show and 3 crazy workshops for you to attend, and they are all FREE FREE FREE.

Here is your official Mad Sick Head No Good Bruk Out invite.

I choreographed an amazing high energy dancehall and soca show called Island Rhythms taking place at Harbourfront Centre Saturday July 30th, 2011 7-8pm CLICK HERE for full details

Dancehall Reggae: A serious bruk out Dancehall Workshop lol…well we will tone it down a little when it comes to the bruking out part, but its going to be crazy. Sunday July 31st 4pm-4:30pm CLICK HERE for full details

Soca Dance: You can’t have a Caribbean event without lets jump up and palance up in this place..Sunday July 31st 4:30pm-5pm

Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance Workout:  Fusing Soca,Dancehall Music, with sultry choreography and fitness moves..this workout is lie..Monday August 1st 1pm. CLICK HERE for full details

I hope to see you all there, please bring a towel with you, because you know and I promise you your going to sweat..we don’t play when it comes to dancing to dancehall and soca.


2 blazing hot workshops this month

14 Jul

It’s not every month I can come to you and tell you that I have 2 amazing workshops for you to attend in one month.

Well this month is special, because there are 2 workshops taking place. There is at least one workshop that you will be interested in.

The Lady Bold Dance Workshop

Sizzle up your summer with some hot moves that transform you into the ultimate dance vixen.
This class is made for the ladies who love to let go on the dance floor. It’s sexy, creative and it’s all about being a strong dancing women.
The workshop is Friday July 22, 2011 7pm-9pm at Elevation Dancentre

The 5th annual Sweat B4 U Sweat “Pre Jump Up” Caribana Dance Workshop

Get ready for the biggest parade in North America. Prep your mind body and soul for an amazing and festive weekend. Learn 2 amazing Caribbean dance routines. 1 Dancehall and 1 Soca routine guaranteed to make you sweat and feel good.
The workshop is on Sunday July 24th 1-3pm at Joy of Dance

I extended the early bird rate and the friendship discount for both workshops, until Monday July 18th, so go ahead and save, register today

Click on this link to register for the Lady Bold Dance Workshop

Click on this link to register for the Sweat B4 U Sweat “Pre Jump Up” Caribana Dance Workshop

Tell your friends, come to the workshops and have a good time.

See you soon.

The words of my trainer “Focus on yourself”

12 Jul

I’ve recently started working with a personal trainer to make sure I get back to where I was physically. After my knee injury I lost a whole lot of muscle mass in my left leg, its weaker and smaller than my right leg. Well there you go, I just put my business on

But that’s not why I’m writing this blog. I’ve noticed that when I’m training and I find myself getting frustrated with my knee, more than once my eyes start to focus on something else more appealing than the discomfort I’m feeling.

When my trainer notices, she’s like “Focus on yourself Kay-Ann, just Focus on yourself”

And it works, she snaps me back to where my attention needs to be, which is making sure I focus on my form, what my goals are while I’m working out and to make sure I stay positive throughout the process.

So the next time you find yourself getting distracted, you’re putting off work that needs to get done, because it’s not something you want to do. Say what my trainer tells me “Focus on yourself”

The next time you wish you were further ahead, but you’re not, tell yourself to focus, focus on the now, focus on what you’re doing now, which will help you move along to the next goal.