Something to be excited about

15 Sep

I haven’t posted a blog in a while.

And I have a good reason. I’ve been in my lab, creating, revamping and plotting for growth. And yes its a lot of work, dedication and all that good and not so good stuff. But overall it’s really exciting and I can’t wait to share and reveal everything to you.

Overall everything is a process and it will take time for things to fully transition into the new and improved picture.

So here is what I’ve been cooking up.

New website: Oh ya, its time I let go of my stale website. I will be launching two new websites. One for Sweat B4 U Sweat “Caribbean Dance and Workout” this website will have class and workshop schedules for everything Dancehall Reggae, Soca and Caribbean Dance Workout.

The other website is for my production and entertainment company, this will have information on choreography services, private/group lessons, entertainment services, artist development, show productions, fitness events and so much more.

Blog: Yes even my blog, will get a new look.

New Sweat B4 U Sweat classes will be starting late September, so for all of you who have been patiently waiting, I do apologize for the long wait, however I appreciate your support and I can’t wait to start teaching.

I have added new Toronto Sexy dance classes and workshops to the schedule, so there will always be something new and exciting.

I always believe in growth and developing ones skill. I’ve been contemplating for the longest time about taking photography classes, and I believe its time to do so. No I haven’t registered for a course as yet, but I will register for a photography course either this year or early 2012. So if you know of any amazing courses, or if you have any pointers, please let me know.

With that said don’t go anywhere, because if you do, you may miss what will happen next.



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