When did you feel it..the I’m a women now feeling

22 Sep

What does it mean to become and to claim the word or claim your essence, known as your women hood?

Is it after you use the bathroom or wakeup in the morning and notice that your underwear has red spots, and your mother sits you down to give you the “you’re a women now” conversation

Did you have a moment or an experience that you can mark down in history and say, this is when I embraced what it means to be a women. Or are you embracing the journey and pealing off the layers that make you more of a women each day.

For me I thinks it’s pealing off the layers. Everyday each new experience that comes my way, I’m like wow, this is liberating and awesome, if I had balls, I would grab them and say I’m proud to be feeling and becoming more of a women each day..but because I don’t have balls, I’ll grab whatever body part I want, and say yes this feeling is awesome, and I love it.

I love the feeling of becoming more of me everyday, its liberating. I love the feeling of knowing that who I am is good enough for me, its self discovery all day and everyday. For me its a feeling that comes from within and radiates on the outside.

Do you have any specific moments in time when you can say, it feels damn good to be a women and I feel much more stronger? Let me know, share your thoughts.


One Response to “When did you feel it..the I’m a women now feeling”

  1. La Toya September 29, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    Love this post girl!!! Not sure if I can pinpoint a specific moment where i was like yes i’m now a woman…but i do believe that my attitude, beliefs and priorities have changed over the years and i’ve come into my own and realized what is important to me and my life and that’s a huge sign as to me and my womanhood. 🙂

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