What are you Thankful for, right now at this time?

10 Oct

What am I thankful for right now at this time?

I had to stop and give myself a reality check today.

Yes many of us knew or us just found out it’s the Thanksgiving long weekend.

And many went on with life, because they don’t need a day dedicated to giving thanks, some stopped and enjoyed the festive weekend with family and some just jumped on the wagon, and went along with the flow, wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving and not really stopping to ask, “What am I thankful for, why and what am I giving thanks for”

So in the mist of it all, I had to stop, and ask myself. Yes there is so much to give thanks for, but what is it today, this weekend, that I can truly say I am thankful for, and have that thankfulness come from a deep place in my soul. “Kay-Ann what are you thankful for?”

This is what came to me.

“I’m thankful for living in a country and a city that respects diversity”

I’m so blessed to have the people I love in my life and they love me back for who I am.

The reason why I’m so thankful for diversity, is simple, yet it’s often forgotten.

Many places in this world the freedom of choice, and basic human rights are taken away from citizens everyday, and this causes turmoil and the breakdown of systems and structure.

Yes our country is not perfect, however I’m thankful that our city is rich with diversity and for the better part we stand for equality and social justice.

So what are you thankful for?

What can you say right now, that is true and comes from an authentic place of appreciation.

We know there are hundreds of things to be thankful for, but what can you give thanks for right now.

Take a few minutes to feel that appreciation, because its real, its how you feel.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Kay-Ann Ward


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