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When was the last time you took a rest day?

28 Nov

When was the last time you took a day or a weekend to just relax and do nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, just lay back  and enjoy time, sleep in, eat food, spend time with the people who care about you, laugh and have a good time..stress not invited.

I did that this weekend, and it was amazing. It was my birthday on November 27th, so it happened at the perfect time.

Yes I stepped out to run a few errands and do some work related stuff, but overall the feeling of just relaxing felt great.

Do your self a favor and take a day or a weekend to just chill out.

Do nothing that consists of you stressing out or bringing negative vibes into your life. You will thank yourself.

If you can’t take a day or a weekend then take a few hours, but I would hope that you can find a day out of your schedule to care for yourself. If your finding it hard to take a day to rest, then you may have to sit down and think  about somethings.

So go ahead take a rest day, and do not feel guilty about it, you deserve it, you will thank yourself for doing it, and you will feel much better and much more prepared to carry out the rest of your week.

Love this picture, we can all take pointers from the diva


Tips to get the most out of your group exercise class

24 Nov

Quick tips to help you get the most out of your next group exercise class

Keep your core tight throughout the workout. You may get carried away, with how amazing you feel and how great the dance move and or exercise is, or you may be tired and your muscles are fatigued, whatever the reason, don’t lose focus of what you’re doing. Keep your core engaged and tight through out your entire workout.

Watch the instructors que, for movement or direction change. This is the best way to pick up on what exercise is coming up next. Sometimes the music is too loud for the instructor to give you a verbal cue, so paying attention to non verbal cues are helpful to let you know what movement and which direction is coming up next.

Don’t forget to breathe. Often times, participants get so tense, because they are gasping for air, or they are so focus on mastering the exercise. Yes your going to get tired, and yes you want to pay attention to your technique, but don’t forget to breathe.

You don’t want to injure yourself, so pay attention to your body. If a body part starts to hurt you, and you know or you’re not sure if it’s because of the exercise you’re doing then STOP. You know your body more than you may think, Listen to your body and the signs that it gives to you. If you have had any injury that may affect your workout, make sure you ask your doctor if it’s safe to participate in the fitness class.

Drink water before, during and after your workout

Push yourself, if you know you can go harder, don’t be afraid to raise the bar for yourself.

Set a goal for yourself, give yourself a rating system, 1-10. 1 means you did poorly and 10 means you did great. Give yourself a rating after each workout, it helps you stay on track, puts you in the driver’s seat, and you hold yourself accountable for your own success.

Stretch. Take time after the class or a few minutes when you get home to stretch your muscles, your soul will thank you for it.

Don’t forget to congratulate yourself. You showed up, you participated, and you completed the workout.

Self Expression: Women who influence us

24 Nov

If you don’t know by now, I love when a women stands up and expresses herself regardless if Tom,  Dick, Harry, Sue, Barb and Bob likes it or not.

I was going through my list of women who are sexy, smart and absolutely creative, ladies who do not care for being put into a box.

Through history there are women that come through and shake things up a little..and I like that..I like to applaud these ladies, because without them many of us wouldn’t know what is possible if we truly follow our creative self.

So cheers to that ladies, keep being you, the world likes it, even when they say they don’t.

And if you’re wondering why I choose this pic..because I think it’s an awesome pic..its sexy, its creative, it’s part of pop culture..and it’s of the ultimate, one of the best that ever done it.

Are there any female artist or activist that has left a lasting impression on you?



Africa @ the underground: Complimentary tickets to a night out

22 Nov

Looking for something different, looking for diversity and culture, well let me tell you about something pretty sweet taking place here in Toronto.

“Welcome to Africa @ the Underground! A new film series designed to bring the broad range of African Cinema to the Canadian big screen on a regular basis. The series will initially feature one film per month, Further to that with proceeds from every screening, the organizers hope to donate partial funds raised to support initiatives and organizations that work to benefit the wider Global African Community!”

Check out what is playing tomorrow night

Gift for you

I have cooked up a great deal for you, the organizers and myself decided to give you complimentary tickets, because your amazing and your reading this blog:)

Here is how you get your complimentary tickets

  • Email let me know you would like to attend.
  • Please leave your full name, if your bringing a guest, leave their name as well, leave your contact number, just in case we need to call you..
  • And you must do this ASAP. This is time sensitive, deadline to email me is by 5pm tomorrow evening which is Wednesday November 23rd 2011.

Enjoy, and tell me all about it.

Make fitness a lifestyle choice not a chore

21 Nov

Ask yourself

  • What do you like about working out, what do you dislike about working out?
  • Are you willing to work out early in the morning or later during the day?
  • Do you like to work out by yourself, with a friend or in a group setting?
  • Do you like to listen to music when you workout or do you like a peaceful and Zen type of atmosphere
  • What are your fitness goals?

These are important questions you need to ask yourself before you dive into a new workout plan.

Your workout does not have to be a life sentence to boredom, and yes your workout has to be appealing to your mind-body and soul for you to stick to it.

Make your workout part of your lifestyle and part of your personality. Choose a workout that fits who you are.

Ask yourself questions and search for the workout that fits you.

New week a head are you feeling inspired

21 Nov

It’s that time to be a quote junkie, here are some quotes I’m sharing with you.

“It’s difficult to give general guidelines about how to learn from mistakes because every situation is different. But if you maintain a teachable attitude as you approach the process and try to learn anything you can about what you could do differently, you will improve yourself. When a person has the right mindset, every obstacle introduces him to himself. John C Maxwell

Check this one

P.S send me some quotes, of all kind, funny ones, serious ones, it doesn’t matter.

Video: Sweat B4 U Sweat “Caribbean Dance Workout” check it out

19 Nov

For those who  have no idea what Sweat B4 U Sweat “Caribbean Dance Workout” is, here are two videos for you to get an inside look into why it’s so fun and why it gives you a killer sweat.

Go through the workout with us from beginning to end

The Dancehall cardio section


Love todays quote..

17 Nov

You stand at a unique crossroads. You are the only person in the history of humanity with your particular background, experience, and talents. You’re only going to get one chance-the one you have right now. Vow to make the most of it.

Strive to reach your potential. Expand your possibilities. Make every moment count.

John C Maxwell

I love this..

Kay-Ann Ward

The end of the world: Weird Dream

17 Nov

I woke up this morning feeling like I ran into a brick wall.

What’s  funny is that I had a dream that the world was being taken over by a large monster that I couldn’t see..LMAO..all that I could see was a huge dark shadow..

lol…why am I having dreams about monsters, and why did it seem so real, real enough for me to wake up with a huge headache. Yikes.

So the dream went something like this

  • World is being taken over
  • I tell my sisters, I get there jackets so they can put it on, because it’s cold outside
  • My sisters put on the jackets, we start to run
  • I lost one of my sisters (I’m screaming and in tears, because I lost my sister in the shuffle of things)
  • We were then told to go outside and run towards the light
  • We went outside, we are running towards the sunlight, behind us is a huge dark shadow
  • Then we hear the huge shadow say “I’m changing directions, I’m going to go towards the light, so I can get everyone”…..LMAO
  • So now we are doomed, because the monster is changing his direction, and he his coming towards us..

lol…what a dream or should I say what a nightmare..this dream/nightmare seemed so childish, yet I was having

Well now I have a head ache..but the day must go for the ridiculous dream/nightmare…I will  be laughing about it for a few hours or maybe a few days.

Have you ever had a dream or nightmare that was just as ridiculous as this one..if so please share.


Todays Quote

16 Nov

“Do things for the right reasons, Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit” John C Maxwell

What do you you think this is easy or hard to follow?