Show your Student ID card or attend with a friend to SAVE on dance classes

6 Nov

Saving money is a good habit to develop, so here are two ways dance lovers could SAVE on great dance classes.

I always have students telling me they want to attend Dancehall Reggae classes, workshops and the Sweat B4 U Sweat “Caribbean Dance Workout” classes, but their financial situation is always holding them back.

So here is something just for the hard-working students.

Student Discount: Because being a student is hard work, and sometimes stressful, it’s always good to get a good deal for just being a student.

Show your student ID card when you attend class and pay only $12 for each drop in class.

Also look out for future workshops and sessions that allow you to get a discount just because you’re a student.

You must be a student 18+ in any post secondary institution (High School, College, University etc)

Friend Discount

When you plan on attending class with a friend, your more likely to show up and have a good time, your more likely to push yourself, and your more likely to relax because you have your friend with you.

So to honor friendship and companion ship, here is a discount just for you.

Attend class with your favorite pal, or encourage a friend to take class with you, because you will both save. Pay $10 each when you attend with your friend.

Registration is always simple


Make sure you Sign Up B4 U Show Up


See you soon

Kay-Ann Ward


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