Sweat B4 U Sweat Caribbean Dance Workout starts this Wednesday

6 Nov

Sometimes the boring treadmill, and jogging is just not good enough for a cardio workout and sometimes going through the same repititions at the gym is just not appealing for us to go back.

Lets admit that working out is extremely important, and lets admit that our workout has to be engaging to keep us coming back.

That is why I want you to try this amazing Caribbean dance workout.

Sweat B4 U Sweat “Caribbean Dance Workout” is designed to make you sweat, make you dance, make you feel good, and give you a full body workout.

Yes your burning calories, while you dance and tone your body…that is not bad at all.

Class set up

1) We start with a light warm up done to dancehall reggae and soca

2) We move into the cardio section, done to high energy Soca, Dancehall, and Urban music

3) We move into body toning exercises that allows you to focus on each muscle while you dance, sweat, and tone

4) We slow things done by grooving to soca, urban and dancehall music that relaxes you

 Each workout is different, each exercise is different, each exercise combines the hottest dancehall reggae, soca and urban dance moves to give you a full body workout.

When: Starting Wednesday November 8th, 2011 to December 21st 2011

Time: 8-9pm

Special promotion: Drop in classes are now $12 until the new year


Purchase 7 classes for $10

You can purchase the 7 class card on Wednesday November 9th 2011 before class

Student ID cards are not accepted for this particular class promotion.

Get in on this amazing full body workout.

Register today.


Make sure you Sign Up B4 U Show Up


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