What was your 1st dance class like

8 Nov

What was your 1st dance class experience like?

I remembered mine. It went something  like this.

I was told about a popular Hip-Hop dance class.

I went to this dance class, thinking yes finally I will be able to dance, and do what I love to do.

I walked into the studio, it was packed, I knew no one, except the girl who invited me. By the time she took her spot in class, her focus changed and I was not on her mind, she was ready, and I was left alone to figure it out.

The class started with a warm up, that was hard as hell.

The teacher then came in and taught the dance routine, which was also hard as hell, I couldn’t figure it out if my  life depended on it.

Damn, I was awful, so painful to think about…I was horrible, I just didn’t get it..”turn left, turn right..and boom kack, kack kack, hit”.???????….I didn’t get it.

I was bumping into people, and tripping all over myself….HOT MESS OF A HOT MESS

I left the class and whatever ego I had was crushed to pieces..lol

I didn’t attend another dance class again until 2 years later. I was still awful when I took another dance class, only now I was more than determined to get better.

I figured I was a good freestyle dancer, but I was awful at picking up choreography.

Through time and dedication, I learned how to pick up choreography faster, and I learned how to  execute my moves better.

Everyone has there challenges, my 1st challenge as a dancer, was to learn how to learn..

So if your thinking that you will never get better, you will..just keep at it…and give yourself permission to learn, and to learn you have to be open to knowing that you don’t know…that’s why you’re in class..you also have to be nice to yourself…and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself..laughing is good for the soul..

I’m still laughing at myself because of how horrible I was..HOT HOT MESS..

****If your thinking about dancing, you want to start, or you want to get better..a friendly tip is just start and don’t give up****

I wish it didn’t take me two years to go back to a dance class, but what is done is done..I’m dancing now, and loving every bit of it.

Have you had a funny dance class experience, if so share it with me?



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