What Does Sexy Mean To You

10 Nov

We all know we live in a society that bombards us with images of what women are supposed to look and feel like, of what sexy is.

We get messages from left right and centre that is supposed to guide us into thinking and believing that what we are seeing is the way to being sexy and feeling sexy.

So my question is what does sexy mean to you?

When I started dancing professionally, a big thing was I had to whip my hair when I was dancing, and that will make me sexy..the thing is I didn’t have and never in my life had long hair to the point that it could be whipped. So I went out and got a wig in hopes that it would increase my sexiness..LMAO

Now thinking back, I should have left the wig in the store. I’m not saying I don’t love wigs, because I do, it’s the perfect accessory to dress up in. But a wig and all other gimmicks does not define sexy for me. Yes I still dance and perform in wigs, however I also dance and perform with my natural hair. I wear my hair extremely low and I’ve cut it off completely, and I feel much more confident, sexy, liberated when my hair is low. Now I just love to play around with my look as another way to express myself.

Sexy for me comes from within. And yes that’s something we also hear all the time.

But to add to that, a pair of heels doesn’t make me sexy, I love the way I look and feel when I’m wearing it, it adds to feeling sexy, it doesn’t make you sexy.

When I teach I always emphasize to female dancers and women that look for material and other outside elements to make them feel good and sexy. I tell them it comes from within, find that powerful female essence that eats, breathe and sleeps sensuality, strength and intelligence and let it ooze from your pores.

Yes heels are hot, but women can be just as sexy in running shoes, you have to be able to pull it out from inside of you.

Sexy is being comfortable with who you are, it’s saying I’m a creative, sexy and an innovative women..

It’s an attitude, it’s confidence..it’s your personal swag that comes from within

Let me know what sexy means to you?

                                                                       Picture came from http://jaysoulliere.tumblr.com/

Don’t forget share your thoughts, on what sexy means to you.




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