What happens when we tell young people “Dare 2 Dance”?

11 Nov

What happens when we tell young people “Dare 2 Dance”?

Well absolute magic happens, inspiration, empowerment and a platform to allow young people to create takes flight.

I’m so honored to be one of the mentors for the Toronto District School Board “Dare 2 Dance” Program.

I got the chance to work with versatile up and coming dance groups from a variety of high schools.

These schools will compete to win the Dare 2 Dance competition.

I went to the semi finals yesterday, and it was amazing.

I was so inspired by the creativity, thought and dedication that all the students put into their performances.

When I was in high school this program wasn’t around, very unfortunate, however I’m thrilled that this program is here to allow students to be part of a bigger picture. Which is giving them the platform they need to express themselves through movement.

The final competition is December 8th, 2011..if you love dance and support young people expressing themselves in a positive and creative way, then definitely come and support them.

CLICK HERE for more information




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