It’s your business to is why

14 Nov

Last week I posted this on my facebook status “One of the most important lessons I learned as a dancer and choreographer..”If your going to make this your living, your career, then you need a business plan.” When I first heard that I kind of got it, but through experience I can say “I GET IT LOUD and CLEAR”

Ayeesha Kanji asked “so can you expand on this more in a blog, I’d like to read it!”

Follow up

Dancers are creative people,we want to dance, create, dance, create, dance and get the drift.

For many of us a business plan, is not on the list of things to do. What the hell is that a dancer/choreographer may ask..I just want to dance, it’s not about the money.


Many like to think I’m going to dance, and something great will happen, and then I will live off of this something great for the rest of my life.


Well when you’re a dancer and or choreographer and you plan on making your talent your career, you need to get serious and ask yourself questions like, “How will I do what I love and live the life I want to live by doing what I love?”

That’s the question, I was told to ask myself from a mentor.

He said, you kind of get it, but when you do, you will really understand, and then your thought pattern will change.

Well it did change here is why.

1) I realized that I can no longer just do something just because I like to do it..I have to be smart with my time, I have to be smart with choosing the right people to work with, choosing the right people to learn from. I have to continue to learn, even learn things that have nothing to do with dance/fitness, but they help my overall career.

Downside: When this isn’t done then your scattered, doing everything, which often results in burn out, and you’re not anywhere closer to your dream or your goal.

2) He said there is a system and a foundation that businesses are set up from. Pay attention to how businesses are set up, and follow. Some may think it’s bad to follow…ummmm helllo…if your following in the steps of someone successful, and your learning valuable information that will help you, and help you help others, then this is a good thing…

Downside “When we don’t humble ourselves and allow ourselves to learn, we miss out on what can help us, we end up falling behind because we failed grow.”

3) People that love what they do and find a way to live a great life by using their talents “These people have a plan, maybe they didn’t have one when they started, but to maintain a career that will make you live from your talents, you need a clear plan, and a plan of action”

Downside: Not having a plan to succeed, is planning to fail.

You need to know 

  • What you want?
  • Why you want it?
  • How you will get it?
  • When you want it by ?
  • What you need to do to get it?
  • How will you know when you have it?

Dance and fitness is life, it really is, without it, a major part of me is gone, and if this is you, then we can relate. Even if your talent is music, acting etc..We as artist have to be smart, and understand that we can’t leave our lives up to others. Get creative,  create a plan, implement the plan and continue on the path to make sure we are sharing our talent to the world without being “The broke ass artist”

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Kay-Ann Ward



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