What you get from each Sweat B4 U Sweat workout

15 Nov

***Here is what you get in every energizing workout***

1) The perfect mix of dance moves
You’re never bored with the style your learning. You’re working out and dancing, which means your burning calories, toning your body, and you’re having fun doing it.

2) You’re listening to high energy music, you’re dancing and the moves are amazing, you’re engaged from the beginning to end, it really doesn’t feel like a workout

3) Improve your overall health
Increase your flexibility which helps you perform everyday task, improve your heart rate, improve your endurance, get excited about life, have more energy, look and feel good, this radiates a glow that is priceless.
You’re empowered to be the driver of your amazing life

4) You’re motivated all the way through. Times when you feel like stopping, you’re reminded of why you’re doing this, your reminded about the goals you want to reach. Feel more confident

5) You see the change in your body, your mind and your soul. Before every workout, we take a few minutes to set our personal goals for the workout. This exercise helps you take control of your life so you’re able to focus and get more results.

6) Each move is designed to work on a specific muscle
You’re not just dancing and burning calories, each move you do, helps you tone the right area, so you feel it, and you’re able to get and see the results.

There is no workout and no experience like Sweat B4 U Sweat Caribbean Dance workout simply because it gives you everything. Fun, a killer workout, and a motivation push for you to get and stay healthy.

Make sure you register for a class today. info@sweatb4usweat.com


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