Guilty Pleasures..what are yours?

16 Nov

Guilty Pleasure: Something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes. (Wikipedea definition)

My definition: Finding absolute pleasure in something that you know is not good for you..but you find it hard to let go, you can let go if you wanted to, but that thought is absurd, because this pleasure is too good, even though its bad..its like the perfect bad balance to your perfect world..

Urban Dictionary definition..CLICK HERE

Let’s carry are a few of my many guilty pleasures, if you read one that applies to you, let me know, if not then tell me yours, I promise I wont tell…

1) Fried Food

I love deep-fried anything especially chicken wings…love love fried food..I know fried food is not healthy, and I’m big on health, however I’m human, and this is something I enjoy…BUT I HAVE TO WATCH MYSELF..but I enjoy it so much..BUT I HAVE TO WATCH MYSELF

2) Celebrity blog junkie

I’m hooked on a few celebrity blogs..I surf, look at pictures, surf look at pictures, surf look at pictures…so  not productive…I know this is wasting time so I give myself permission to surf once a day, or every other day for a limited amount of time (lol Don’t judge me)

3) I enjoy being LAZY

I love to be lazy..honestly..I enjoy working hard, and doing things, but when its time to kick back..I kick back and lazy kicks in…even using the bathroom, and moving my leg is a chore…it’s bad..the controller to the TV could be on the table beside me, and I won’t move, because you know..lazy just feels good sometimes

4) Reality TV Junkie

I love real house wives of Atlanta..the show is so mix up, and wrong, so bad for us to watch, but I can’t help it..and to tell you the truth I don’t want to help it.

5) Potty Mouth

I have a potty mouth..but only with people I’m extremely close to or feel comfortable yes I do swear more than I should, its bad, but I like it..don’t judge me..I know when to be proper

These are just a few of my many guilty pleasures.

Dare to share your own guilty pleasure, let me know if we have anything in common..we are all human;)

I’m fine with  my guilty pleasures, just as long as they don’t start to affect my life for the worse, so I have to make sure I allow myself to do these things, just not all day and everyday.

Kay-Ann Ward


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