The end of the world: Weird Dream

17 Nov

I woke up this morning feeling like I ran into a brick wall.

What’s  funny is that I had a dream that the world was being taken over by a large monster that I couldn’t see..LMAO..all that I could see was a huge dark shadow..

lol…why am I having dreams about monsters, and why did it seem so real, real enough for me to wake up with a huge headache. Yikes.

So the dream went something like this

  • World is being taken over
  • I tell my sisters, I get there jackets so they can put it on, because it’s cold outside
  • My sisters put on the jackets, we start to run
  • I lost one of my sisters (I’m screaming and in tears, because I lost my sister in the shuffle of things)
  • We were then told to go outside and run towards the light
  • We went outside, we are running towards the sunlight, behind us is a huge dark shadow
  • Then we hear the huge shadow say “I’m changing directions, I’m going to go towards the light, so I can get everyone”…..LMAO
  • So now we are doomed, because the monster is changing his direction, and he his coming towards us..

lol…what a dream or should I say what a nightmare..this dream/nightmare seemed so childish, yet I was having

Well now I have a head ache..but the day must go for the ridiculous dream/nightmare…I will  be laughing about it for a few hours or maybe a few days.

Have you ever had a dream or nightmare that was just as ridiculous as this one..if so please share.



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