Say something nice, it wont hurt you

18 Dec

One thing that many if not all of us have in common is, we all like to feel good about ourselves. We all like when someone takes the time to do or say something nice. It makes us feel important, it affects our mood and sometimes change the tone of our day.

Someone said something nice to me the other day, and it made me smile from ear to ear. Yes what they said was nice, and they didn’t have to share it with me, but what made this smile so different was the fact that this compliment came from someone who never ever gave me a compliment before. This person just seemed negative and unhappy with the world.

And to see this side of them shine, was a good thing. It made me feel good, and it me realize that they were stepping into the light.

Being nice is not so bad after all, it doesn’t mean your being fake. Be nice and be real. Don’t say something that you dont’ mean.

One word, one complement, one gesture could change and set the tone for the day. Why not make that tone, that gesture be one of positivity and positive influence. I’m just saying.

If you don’t have nothing to say, then don’t say it, but a word of kindness goes a long way. You get more out of life.

Funny quote from Bill Gates, that is so true.


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