Answers to your Dance Xpression workshop questions

18 Jan

Many of you have some questions about the Dance Xpression Workshop coming up this Saturday, especially questions about the Hot n Heels Dance Style and the Dance Vixen Dance style.

MsToya and I answered some of the common questions that many of you are asking.

We organized your questions in categories. HOT n Heels, Dance Vixen and the Dance Xpression Workshop. If you still have questions after this please email us at

Hot n Heels

What is Hot n Heels? I’m sure we’ve all noticed that girl walking down the street, or at the night club and admired her confidence, power and sass. This Hot n Heels class will help you feel the same way, by exploring your confidence through dance moves and having fun while doing it!

Do I have to dance in heels? You shouldn’t feel intimidated as everyone is taking the class to have fun, sweat and learn ways to Xpress themselves.

What if I can’t dance in heels? It is suggested that you bring your heels and try out the moves, whether it be high heels, kitten heels or even flats…it’s all based on your comfort level.

What size heels? You can wear high heels, kitten heels or flats.

Dance Vixen

What is the dance Vixen style? This style is all about embracing yourself, and being free with your movement. It’s dancing with confidence, sensuality and a little edge to keep your audience intrigued and wanting more. It’s playful, yet sexy and smart. The Dance vixen style brings you to the dance floor and allows to you to let go and be the vixen that is waiting to be released. You have seen Beyonce, Ciara, and other artist strut their movements; well it’s your turn to tap into yourself.

Is this a strip tease class? NO this class is not a strip tease class. Yes the moves are sexy; however they are tastefully done with the art of dance and creative choreography being the focus. If you choose to go home and turn it into a strip tease dance for that special someone or for yourself then you do that. I applaud you, do what makes you feel good. Go ahead and Xpress yourself.

Is this dance style hard? No this style is not hard. I understand that everyone is at a different level, that is why I made sure that each move can be done with different dance levels in mind. The beginner dancer can do the same move, but not with the same complexity, and the advance dancer can do the move and add more complexity to it. Overall this Xperience is not an intimidating one, so it’s for all to enjoy.

The Dance Xperience workshop

How can I get a discount? You can visit anyone one of these websites to get a special discount on the regular ticket price. Just click on the name and you will be taken to the website automatically. The Dancers of Toronto and Those Girls Are Wild. If your having any issues getting a 10 or 15% discount please email us at

Can I still get Early Bird tickets? Yes, there are 10 limited early bird tickets, you can get them if they are still available by visiting Those Girls Are Wild website. But you have to hurry because once those xclusive tickets are gone, then its back to the 10 or 15% discount.

What can I expect at the workshop? Expect to have a good time and empower yourself through movements that are made just for a women’s body and attitude. Expect to let go and Xpress yourself in ways that will make you feel good. Expect to be surrounded by other amazing ladies. You will learn how to tap into yourself, so that your comfortable with who you are so that your able to xpress yourself in your everyday life as a dancer or non dancer.

Is the workshop just for dancers? No..this workshop is not just for dancers. This Dance Xpression workshop is for dancers and non dancers. It’s for ladies who love to dance and or who want to try something new.

What if I’m a complete beginner? Yes of course you can attend if your a completed beginner, we want you in the studio with us ladies, embracing your confidence, letting go and Xpressing yourself.

I’m an advance dancer is this for me? Yes it is for you, every advance dancer needs the opportunity to let go. You will be surrounded by other dancers and non dancers, it’s the perfect environment to let go, learn something new and dance….ask yourself when was the last time I let go and dance..well now is the time to do so, this workshop is for you.

Are the dance moves hard? The dance moves that are taught by Toya and myself are very different, and they give you the right challenge. We teach the moves and break them down so that each person is able to pick it up, and depending on the dance move, we give variations so that you can increase or decrease the complexity of the dance move.

What should I wear? Wear what makes you comfortable and feel good. It’s called Dance Xpression, so xpress yourself and your style. We will be xpressing ourselves, so you should too.

Where is the workshop? Gotta Dance Studio located at 3581 Dundas Street West

When is it? This Saturday January 21st 2012

What time is it? 1pm  to 4pm

I want to attend how do I get my ticket?: CLICK HERE to get your ticket now


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