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Happy New Year..2012 here we come

1 Jan

Happy New Year

Wishing you all an AMAZING beginning to 2012. And not just beginning, have a great year.

Without a doubt I’m feeling good about 2012. One of the joys of entering a New Year is the thought of getting a fresh start, a clean canvass to call your own, so you can color it and create the picture you want. 

Create your canvass, and create the canvass that makes you happy.

Lets make 2012 great. What do you have planned? Write it down, and make it happen.


Are you stressing over December or are you excited?

1 Dec

Could you believe it’s December..OMG…and wow, we are rolling into 2012 very soon.

So how are you feeling about it, are you feeling anxious because it’s the last month of the year, are you stressing over the holidays, are you excited about the New Year?

I’m excited, I love this time of year, it means we can finally wrap up 2011 and bring in 2012. Someone said it’s like a fresh start, and we all need a fresh start.

So I’m pretty excited.

Let me know if you’re excited that the year is almost over, are you stressed that it’s the holiday season, and if you have any major plans for the month?