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A message to the creative entrepreneur

16 Feb


Every now and then, something inspires me, sometimes I don’t know where the inspiration comes from. Like today, it just came and within 3 minutes I wrote this. But I don’t think it was instant inspiration, I think now was the right time to share this, so like all natural things, everything flowed and fell right into place.

Step out with faith

Being an artist is fun, we are able to create, we are able to start from scratch and bring life to anything, we use colors, we use music, we use our bodies, we use whatever it is made possible to create magic.

However we are also very fragile beings. We are sensitive about our work, and we spend endless hours until the world notices our talents constantly explaining what we do, why we do it, and how we make a living from doing it.

We find it hard at times for the rest of the world, “The Regular People” to understand us, and give us the time we need so we can foster our talents. I say regular people, because sometimes the regular people think of us as “The Odd Ones”

We put our talents out there, and pray that it is best received. Some enjoy, some dislike, some despise, and some take what we put out there, duplicate it and call it their own.

We experience many challenges and we experience many joys.

But today, this one is for all the creative entrepreneurs I know, this also goes out to myself.

Step out with faith.

Know that the gifts given to us, is for us to share with the world, and it doesn’t matter how hard times get, and trust me they get hard, don’t give up.

Whenever you fall, get up, dust yourself off, wipe your face, dry your tears and continue.

Keep stepping out with faith as your armor. Something great will happen, just know it, feel it and believe it.



90’s Dancehall Reggae: A Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance Workshop

6 Aug
If you love dancehall, then I know you loved and still love dancehall music from the 90’s especially from the baddest ladies in the game.Well we are spicing up this workshop, and switiching things up.

We will dance to a 90’s Dancehall song that you will choose.

Here are your choices

1) Lady Saw “Hice it up”   Listen to the song
2) Lady Saw “Ninja bike”  Listen to the song
3) Patra “Queen of the pack”  Listen to the song
4) Patra “Think”   Listen to the song

CLICK HERE to vote for the song you want me to Choreograph to.

The song that wins, will be announced on the day of the workshop, during the workshop.

The voting system closes 3 days before the workshop, so make sure you vote.

This workshop will be a sexy one, because once you hear the songs, you know there is no other way to go. Be prepared to let loose.

Date: August 26th
Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $20 until August 22, 2011
$25 after August 22nd, 2011

Bring a friend and save $

$30 until August 22 (This offer is only valid if you bring a friend)
$40 after August 22nd (This offer is only valid if you bring a friend)

Email: info@kayannward.com, and make sure you vote.

About Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance and Workout
Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance and Workout is an energetic dance and workout style created by Kay-Ann Ward. She 1st started teaching her style in high school, but never took it seriously. After teachers, students, and friends encouraged her, she finally decided to fuse her love for Dancehall Reggae, Soca and fitness with sultry choreography into a innovative, hot, fun, and energetic dance and workout called Sweat B4 U Sweat. Bringing you the best of dancehall Reggae and soca dance.Sweat B4 U Sweat consists of 2 parts, the instructional dance classes which teaches individuals how to dance to dancehall and or soca music, all classes are offered at a beginner and intermediate level. The 2nd part of Sweat B4 U Sweat is the dance workout, which takes away the boredom that often comes with traditional workouts.
Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance Workout is an Exciting, Energetic and Body Sculpting workout that uses Dancehall, Soca and Urban dance movements to tone and shape all the right areas. This dance workout is designed to get you the results you need without losing interest in your workout.

See you soon, don’t miss this amazing workshop

Don’t forget to register and make sure you vote

Lady BOLD Dance Workshop “Fire on the dance floor”

25 Jan

Watch this video

Lady Bold Dance Workshop
Torontos sexy and innovative urban, performance class for female dancers..Fire on the Dance Floor

Two sizzling workshops to bring out the dance vixen in you..

The 1st workshop: February 11 2011

This workshop is for beginner dancers, and ladies who would like more time to learn fundamental moves before moving to the next level, plus this is a great intro to the Lady BOLD style of dancing.

Focusing on style, performance, your feminine essence, controlling your movements, gliding across the floor in heels, and releasing your passion so you ignite with fire when you dance and of course learn a choreographed routine.

I want to make sure your comfortable, so if your a beginner and or you don’t feel ready to dance in heels, I want to help you. Take the 1st step and attend this workshop.
I will teach you, so you learn and have a better understanding of your movements, you will enjoy yourself, plus leave feeling empowered.

2nd Workshop: February 18th 2011

This is a intermediate Lady BOLD workshop.
Perfect if your comfortable dancing in heels, comfortable dancing sexy and your ready to spread your fire.

If you took the 1st workshop, then I invite you to attend the 2nd workshop..you will learn more, your now ready to take what you learned and carry it over into this workshop.

Learn innovative and energetic choreography, performance skills, and style.

Don’t hesistate, embrace this part of yourself, like I said its empowering, plus your dancing and having fun.

Please note, Lady BOLD dance workshop is not a striptease class, its an actual professional performance class for female dancers, women and recreational dancers to learn dance moves catered for her body.

However when class is finished, its your choice how you want to use and pratice the moves.

Register today

Cost: $30 for both workshops
$20 for one
Time: Both workshops are 7pm-9pm
Location: Elevation Dancentre
979 Bloor street west

Email info@kayannward.com
Please leave your name and state your registering for the Lady BOLD dance workshop, make sure you let me know if your registering for both or just one.

I can’t wait to share an empowering 4 hours with you.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact me.

Email: info@kayannward.com
Phone: 647-210-8436
Website: http://www.kayannward.com

Dancehall Heat Workshop: Watch this video

24 Jan

Check out this Dancehall Reggae video invite I put together for you..

Watch the video

January 28 2011


Elevation Dancentre 979 Bloor Street West

Register Today 


Don’t miss it

What one word describes what 2011 will be like for you?

14 Dec

A few days ago I asked the question

“What one word describes what 2011 will be like for you?”

I posted this question on Facebook and Twitter.

I got some great answers, before I share my answer, here are some of the answers I got.




Next Level 


These words are more than just words to those who answered. Each word describes what each person wants for themselves for the coming year.

Whats My word?


As I enter the new year I plan on embracing more of myself, embracing my fears, my strengths and my weakness.

I will embrace what I love to do, and do it with more passion, embrace the great family and friends I have, embrace my creativity, embrace change and the list goes on.
But the major one for sure is looking my fears in the eye and moving forward knowing that these fears will hold me back only if I allow them to..and I’m not planning on letting them. Though we all know what fear feels like, fear has no life, unless we give it life, so I will embrace it, and let it know that I won’t let it be the driver of my life.

What’s your word for 2011?

 Write your word down and put it up, get emotionally connected to it.
Every time you read it, you should feel ignited..your actions should be in line with the word you choose.

Let’s embrace the deep power we have within us to create a life that is freaking and absolutely amazing..

The best time to start is NOW enter 2011 breathing the word that sets your soul on FIYA.

Kay-Ann Ward

Whats real dance?

22 Sep

I just read this comment

“Lets show the world what real dance is about”

And I thought to myself, what is real dance, how do you know what real dance is, and who are you or anyone to tell someone what real dance is.

There are cultures that if we told them we take dance classes, they will probably laugh at us, or think we are crazy. Because they would say, but why, dance comes from your soul, its how you feel, its how your body moves to the music, the drums, the chants, etc. Why would you take a dance class to learn how to dance. There’s a dance for happiness, sadness, death. Matter of fact there are dances for every occasion. So as random as a movement may appear it’s still dance.

And to add to that, we live in a culture, well I’m speaking for myself here, I live in a culture where dance is often seen as a right way and wrong way of moving.

I understand the importance of training the body to develop proper form and technique for a particular dance style.

However when it comes to dance, I think it’s too big to categorize as “Lets show the world what real dance is about.”

 I’m not going to battle with what this person said, they have their reasoning.

But it’s not up to me to determine if someone could dance or not…

Everyone could dance, but not everyone dances the way we want them to. The goal is to find those who move the way we want them to. (If we are talking about choreography)

Turn on your radio, or play your iPod/mp3 and dance, who cares what people say, just dance.

Quite frankly people, including myself will always have something to say…So just dance

 Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward

What does it mean to be fearless?

4 Aug

Does it mean to look your fears and worries in the eyes and say, you know what, to hell with you, I’m moving forward and you can’t stop me

Does it mean taking baby steps each day to move forward even though it feels and seems like all is against you

Does it mean not giving up, I mean really not giving up

What does the word fearless mean to you?

What are your fears?

No you don’t need to tell me, but just knowing what they are allows us to start the work of moving forward and really being fearless.

Fear is not always a bad thing, some people allow fear to drive them and succeed at doing so, it’s when fear holds us and prevents us from living a life that is truly great.

I found this picture on the net…absolutely funny, but powerful

Kay-Ann Ward

New Hip-Hop Street Jazz Classes

30 Jun

Wooooohooooooo I’m soooooooooo excited lol..

**New Hip-Hop Street Jazz classes will be starting soon**

I’m excited to start teaching this amazing dance class again. A steady schedule will start in September.
**For now I’m teaching a special teaser**
Date: July 20th, 2010
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Cost: $10.00 (This is special promotional offer)
Location: Elevation Dance Centre
979 Bloor street west
Come dance and experience the ulimate groove. Its a great energetic, sexy, innovative, high energy dance class. A mix of Hip-Hop and tons of style.

No interruptions please

23 Apr

We all need time to get work done, and not be distracted.

Now that we have social media, texting, black berry messenger, and emails coming directly to us through our phones,  its easier to get distracted.

Because we get messages delivered through our phones, many and I have to admit myself included feel obligated to attend to them right away.

Or we have family and friends who sometimes demand too much time from us, on matters that could sometimes wait.

Something I find to be helpful is to tell others that you are busy and its important that you have dedicated time to get somethings done.

Ask that they respect this and stand firm by what you say.

Discipline yourself to not attend to every message, and or text that comes through your phone.

We all need time to focus, and focus without interruptions.

So after going through this myself, my solution is I have to manage myself better and communicate with others that I need time to focus. It’s not personal but work just has to get done.

Dance * Live * Inspire

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Kay-Ann Ward

Whats in my soup?

15 Oct

A little bit corporate

A little bit hood (Just a little, please don’t get shook)

Quite Urban

100 percent real

A little bit shy

A little bit misunderstood

Very out of the box

A little bit of a wild child (Really not giving a **** (I didn’t the say word, because like I said I’m a little bit corporate)

100 percent classy yet sassy

100 percent intelligent

A little complex, (not trying to be figured out)

100 percent Humble

100 percent focused

100 percent driven

100 percent inspired by life

Ingredients to my soup are added daily, so the flavor gets better… Thats what’s in my soup, what’s in yours? Get your soup together, start cooking.

my soup in the making