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OMG this is life changing…well not really

20 Mar

Hey lovely people.

Got some good news for ya and I got some not so good news..like life changing news…wellllll it’s really not that bad.

Good News

I’ve set up shop somewhere else in cyber space, and it’s around the corner..no need to travel far, just a CLICK AWAY.

My current blog is called Dance Live Inspire but my domain is kayannward.wordpress.com, so I decided to start a new blog..it’s still called Dance Live Inspire. except, the domain is DanceLiveInspire.Wordpress.com. Also this blog is dedicated to dance, everything dance and only dance. It’s not the conventional blog..

Dance Live Inspire

A blog that connects, educates, develops and highlights the creative freedom of dancers and dance lovers in the commercial & entertainment industry.

It’s not censored, it’s truthful and there are lots more to come from this.

So what’s the not so good news you may ask

Well, I will be changing my current blog..I will have everything from my website at kayannward.com and I will have a personal blog dedicated to helping ladies look and feel good from the inside out..and may I add this comes with all the randomness, craziness and misbehaving antics that I’m known for. I figured the best way to help others, which I really truly love to do, is to be myself 100% of the time.

So you see the bad news is not so terrible and life threatening after all.

I will continue to post some great stuff on this blog, but it won’t be for long. And I promise you when I move my personal blog, you will be notified.

So here is what I need you to do..if you love dance, then go over to Dance Live Inspire and check it out. CLICK HERE

And thank you in advance..:)

Talk to you lovelies later.



So Whats Kay-Ann up to?

22 Sep

Hello to all the amazing individuals who come back and read my blog…thank you for being  interested in what I have to say, or maybe you just stumbled upon my blog by accident and stayed or maybe your gone by the time you’re at this sentence…either way thank you for stopping by and reading.

Thank you to all who continue to leave comments after reading a post. I appreciate your messages.

I won’t babble on forever I’ll keep this to the point.

Question: What have I been up to lately, what’s going on with classes workshops, performances etc.?

Answer: I’m doing well.

I’ve decided to take a little break, which is hard for me to say and do, because I love to work, I love what I do, and even when I take a break I find myself working away on new ideas and plotting how to bring these ideas to live.

But I need this break. I took some projects and classes off my schedule, because I need to be inspired, I need my soul to rest, and to live for a bit.

So with that said I’ve decided to continue teaching Sweat B4 U Sweat every Tuesday. I will teach a variety of dance workshops on occasion.

And I will perform on occasion, not as much as before.

No I’m not stopping; I’m just refuelling my soul, getting inspired, praying, spending time with my creativity and exploring art. I’m also allowing myself to learn more. I’ll be taking some courses to upgrade my social services worker background, some fitness courses, and doing things  to grow as a person, artist, and professional.

I believe that we need to take a break sometimes, pray, and get connected to what’s deep inside of us. And I believe  this is one of those time for me.

I will get back when my soul feels that it’s ready, when it’s creatively ready, when it’s energized and when it’s ready to take on the next step.

What brought me to this decision: I felt I needed to step away, what brought me pleasure in the arts was upsetting me, things started to feel like a chore and overall I needed to get inspired and refuel.

But I will say this again, I’m still doing what I love to do. I’m just not doing as much as before, everything will resume naturally or when I feel that its time. And yes I will continue to blog, and tweet.:)

I have to say, I could have continued working full pace however, it’s not fair to myself or to those who come to my classes and performances.

So I hope you all understand, as much as I love teaching and performing, I also value personal and professional growth. And because I value this and teach this on a regular basis I must practice what I preach.

You’re all amazing

Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward