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A message to the creative entrepreneur

16 Feb


Every now and then, something inspires me, sometimes I don’t know where the inspiration comes from. Like today, it just came and within 3 minutes I wrote this. But I don’t think it was instant inspiration, I think now was the right time to share this, so like all natural things, everything flowed and fell right into place.

Step out with faith

Being an artist is fun, we are able to create, we are able to start from scratch and bring life to anything, we use colors, we use music, we use our bodies, we use whatever it is made possible to create magic.

However we are also very fragile beings. We are sensitive about our work, and we spend endless hours until the world notices our talents constantly explaining what we do, why we do it, and how we make a living from doing it.

We find it hard at times for the rest of the world, “The Regular People” to understand us, and give us the time we need so we can foster our talents. I say regular people, because sometimes the regular people think of us as “The Odd Ones”

We put our talents out there, and pray that it is best received. Some enjoy, some dislike, some despise, and some take what we put out there, duplicate it and call it their own.

We experience many challenges and we experience many joys.

But today, this one is for all the creative entrepreneurs I know, this also goes out to myself.

Step out with faith.

Know that the gifts given to us, is for us to share with the world, and it doesn’t matter how hard times get, and trust me they get hard, don’t give up.

Whenever you fall, get up, dust yourself off, wipe your face, dry your tears and continue.

Keep stepping out with faith as your armor. Something great will happen, just know it, feel it and believe it.



90’s Dancehall Reggae: A Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance Workshop

6 Aug
If you love dancehall, then I know you loved and still love dancehall music from the 90’s especially from the baddest ladies in the game.Well we are spicing up this workshop, and switiching things up.

We will dance to a 90’s Dancehall song that you will choose.

Here are your choices

1) Lady Saw “Hice it up”   Listen to the song
2) Lady Saw “Ninja bike”  Listen to the song
3) Patra “Queen of the pack”  Listen to the song
4) Patra “Think”   Listen to the song

CLICK HERE to vote for the song you want me to Choreograph to.

The song that wins, will be announced on the day of the workshop, during the workshop.

The voting system closes 3 days before the workshop, so make sure you vote.

This workshop will be a sexy one, because once you hear the songs, you know there is no other way to go. Be prepared to let loose.

Date: August 26th
Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $20 until August 22, 2011
$25 after August 22nd, 2011

Bring a friend and save $

$30 until August 22 (This offer is only valid if you bring a friend)
$40 after August 22nd (This offer is only valid if you bring a friend)

Email: info@kayannward.com, and make sure you vote.

About Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance and Workout
Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance and Workout is an energetic dance and workout style created by Kay-Ann Ward. She 1st started teaching her style in high school, but never took it seriously. After teachers, students, and friends encouraged her, she finally decided to fuse her love for Dancehall Reggae, Soca and fitness with sultry choreography into a innovative, hot, fun, and energetic dance and workout called Sweat B4 U Sweat. Bringing you the best of dancehall Reggae and soca dance.Sweat B4 U Sweat consists of 2 parts, the instructional dance classes which teaches individuals how to dance to dancehall and or soca music, all classes are offered at a beginner and intermediate level. The 2nd part of Sweat B4 U Sweat is the dance workout, which takes away the boredom that often comes with traditional workouts.
Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance Workout is an Exciting, Energetic and Body Sculpting workout that uses Dancehall, Soca and Urban dance movements to tone and shape all the right areas. This dance workout is designed to get you the results you need without losing interest in your workout.

See you soon, don’t miss this amazing workshop

Don’t forget to register and make sure you vote

So Whats Kay-Ann up to?

22 Sep

Hello to all the amazing individuals who come back and read my blog…thank you for being  interested in what I have to say, or maybe you just stumbled upon my blog by accident and stayed or maybe your gone by the time you’re at this sentence…either way thank you for stopping by and reading.

Thank you to all who continue to leave comments after reading a post. I appreciate your messages.

I won’t babble on forever I’ll keep this to the point.

Question: What have I been up to lately, what’s going on with classes workshops, performances etc.?

Answer: I’m doing well.

I’ve decided to take a little break, which is hard for me to say and do, because I love to work, I love what I do, and even when I take a break I find myself working away on new ideas and plotting how to bring these ideas to live.

But I need this break. I took some projects and classes off my schedule, because I need to be inspired, I need my soul to rest, and to live for a bit.

So with that said I’ve decided to continue teaching Sweat B4 U Sweat every Tuesday. I will teach a variety of dance workshops on occasion.

And I will perform on occasion, not as much as before.

No I’m not stopping; I’m just refuelling my soul, getting inspired, praying, spending time with my creativity and exploring art. I’m also allowing myself to learn more. I’ll be taking some courses to upgrade my social services worker background, some fitness courses, and doing things  to grow as a person, artist, and professional.

I believe that we need to take a break sometimes, pray, and get connected to what’s deep inside of us. And I believe  this is one of those time for me.

I will get back when my soul feels that it’s ready, when it’s creatively ready, when it’s energized and when it’s ready to take on the next step.

What brought me to this decision: I felt I needed to step away, what brought me pleasure in the arts was upsetting me, things started to feel like a chore and overall I needed to get inspired and refuel.

But I will say this again, I’m still doing what I love to do. I’m just not doing as much as before, everything will resume naturally or when I feel that its time. And yes I will continue to blog, and tweet.:)

I have to say, I could have continued working full pace however, it’s not fair to myself or to those who come to my classes and performances.

So I hope you all understand, as much as I love teaching and performing, I also value personal and professional growth. And because I value this and teach this on a regular basis I must practice what I preach.

You’re all amazing

Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward

New Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance Workout classes

17 Aug
Hi everyone:
I have some great news.

Get and Stay in shape for the Fall and Winter season coming up


Registration is now open for

 Dance Workout.
Designed to make you feel good, and get results.
Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance Workout is an Exciting, Energetic and Body Sculpting workout that uses Caribbean and Urban dance movements to tone and shape all the right areas. Done to the hottest and latest Dancehall Reggae, Soca and Urban dance music.
What are the Benefits?

Tone your muscles (Butt, Thighs, Arms and Stomach)
Improve your endurance with an amazing cardiovascular workout
Improve your co-ordination through innovative choreography
Learn the best Caribbean and Urban Dance moves that will have you moving in ways you never thought possible
Improve your flexibility and balance
your mind body and Soul
Have FUN, who said working out had to be boring
Leave feeling refreshed, motivated and energized
Best of all GET IN SHAPE

 I cant wait to teach, each class is filled with so much energy..I’m ready..are you?


What does it mean to be fearless?

4 Aug

Does it mean to look your fears and worries in the eyes and say, you know what, to hell with you, I’m moving forward and you can’t stop me

Does it mean taking baby steps each day to move forward even though it feels and seems like all is against you

Does it mean not giving up, I mean really not giving up

What does the word fearless mean to you?

What are your fears?

No you don’t need to tell me, but just knowing what they are allows us to start the work of moving forward and really being fearless.

Fear is not always a bad thing, some people allow fear to drive them and succeed at doing so, it’s when fear holds us and prevents us from living a life that is truly great.

I found this picture on the net…absolutely funny, but powerful

Kay-Ann Ward

Life of a Dancer

28 Sep
The life of a dancer could be quite an adventure. Sometimes your up, even higher than you thought possible, sometimes you’re down, and have absolutely no idea how you got there, if you could get up, and when you’re going to be able to get up. Sometimes you’re in the middle, with a feeling of not knowing what to do just waiting and or trying to figure it out.

It would help if we all admitted that we feel this way every now and then, bridge the cap of lost communication. It doesn’t have to be confusing, if we continue to do the same thing then we get the same results, let’s make a change, it’s not easy to change, but start, beautiful things happen when we move together…like a dance routine, when all the dancers do the same move it’s a beautiful picture….the same thing goes for life, when we move together and help each other not only is it a beautiful picture, great things happen.

If there is one thing, you wish you had information on that would have helped your dance career, and or would have helped you personally what would that information be? Even if you’re not a dancer, what do you wish you knew then that would have helped you now?

I’m kindly asking you guys to share your thoughts, you don’t have to get personal, but really share your thoughts….

I’ll go first to open to up the discussion:

I wish I knew that it’s ok not to be like everyone else. This may sound like a no brainer coming from me, however when I first started dancing, I felt that there was only one way to do everything, one way of looking, and if you didn’t do things that one way, then you were not a good dancer and or you were not someone to pay attention to.
This wasn’t said in loud words but actions speak out louder than words, this soon proved to drive me crazy creatively, professionally and personally, soon I realized regardless of how much I love to dance, I have to be myself even if it means going left when majority goes right, and or just saying no….that’s not what I’m about and or want to do.

Dancing is bigger than you and me…Dancing is not for me to say, yes this is how its done, and or this is what Hip-Hop is and what Hip-Hop is not…I’m a small picture or a small movement compared to the bigger picture of dance.
So I learned to accept the fact that not dancing to another persons beat is OK…I wish I knew this when I first started, but really it’s the journey that’s important, and so far I like the journey, its not always fruit loops but its good…
(I’m not saying to take a dance class and dance to another beat than the one the choreographer and or instructor is teaching you, I’m saying everyone’s path is different, be authentic and follow yours…)

So what did you wish you knew then that you know now?

Lend your services

10 Jul

Yesterday I met up with another Dancer/Choreographer/Wonderful person.  Sophie Luxton….:)

We met to chat and she shared some valaubale tips and advice with me regarding dance, putting a show together. And  I was so thankful, and honored.

She didn’t have to, she wanted to help, and genuinely share her experiences with me.  From everything on rehearsal schedules, tech run, lighting, booking a videographer, what to look out for, what worked for her and what she would do differently next time.

She was giving me her time, we sat and chatted for about an hour, and she gave me priceless advice and tips.

And that’s great….

I thank her for that.

This is something that is priceless, when someone sits and opens up to you and willing wants to help you grow as a person and as a professional…that’s truly amazing….

And we should pay it forward, lend your expertise to someone the same way someone offered it to you…that way we grow, and we grow together.

Thanks Sophie…

Good Day/Good Friday

18 Apr

Today, was a good day for me.

You would think I would have spent the day sleeping, since I’ve worked overnights for the past 10 days in a row, and I’m not finish, I have 5 more shifts to go, so yes I’m working tonight, if your wondering where I work, I work part time at a group home.

Well my day was great, I went grocery shopping and bought fruits, I haven’t bought friuts in a while, and yes I love me some strawberries.

I taught Dancehall Reggae today, the class was good the ladies enjoyed themselves.

Now I’m relaxing for an hour before I head off to work.

I feel like I’m in a good place mentally and that I like….

I’m excited about whats in store for next week, literally, I’ll share when the time gets closer.