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A message to the creative entrepreneur

16 Feb


Every now and then, something inspires me, sometimes I don’t know where the inspiration comes from. Like today, it just came and within 3 minutes I wrote this. But I don’t think it was instant inspiration, I think now was the right time to share this, so like all natural things, everything flowed and fell right into place.

Step out with faith

Being an artist is fun, we are able to create, we are able to start from scratch and bring life to anything, we use colors, we use music, we use our bodies, we use whatever it is made possible to create magic.

However we are also very fragile beings. We are sensitive about our work, and we spend endless hours until the world notices our talents constantly explaining what we do, why we do it, and how we make a living from doing it.

We find it hard at times for the rest of the world, “The Regular People” to understand us, and give us the time we need so we can foster our talents. I say regular people, because sometimes the regular people think of us as “The Odd Ones”

We put our talents out there, and pray that it is best received. Some enjoy, some dislike, some despise, and some take what we put out there, duplicate it and call it their own.

We experience many challenges and we experience many joys.

But today, this one is for all the creative entrepreneurs I know, this also goes out to myself.

Step out with faith.

Know that the gifts given to us, is for us to share with the world, and it doesn’t matter how hard times get, and trust me they get hard, don’t give up.

Whenever you fall, get up, dust yourself off, wipe your face, dry your tears and continue.

Keep stepping out with faith as your armor. Something great will happen, just know it, feel it and believe it.



Are you a kid in the Candy Store?

25 Oct

I suffer from “The kid in the Candy store syndrome”

I had a really good conversation with a close friend of mine, and I had a cloud clearing moment.

And I think many artist, dreamers, ambitious individuals and entrepreneurs could relate to this one.

Here it is….I (we) want to do too many things at once. Yes you know the little kid who walks into the candy store with eyes wide open, is in absolute amazement at all the wonderful and colorful candy they could have, yes this is quite exciting. But they can’t have all that candy. But whats worse to this kid, is they can’t decide on which candy to choose, because they want all of them right now, or they have too many favorites to choose from.

Could you relate to this. I know I could..my mind is forever thinking of ideas and creative ventures. But its hard to choose just one project to work on, I want to work on all of them.

The frustration then comes from being indecisive

Do you get me, I know many artist and entrepreneurs who could relate to this. They are creative, and excited from this creative rush, but its tiring when we are not able to narrow down what we want to work on at a particular time.

Whats the solution?

 Well think of what your mother or father would say to you while you’re in the candy store. You have to choose one or two candies..you can’t choose all, and if you can’t choose, you get none. If you choose all of them you may get sick trying to eat all of them. Well same rule applies. Narrow down what you could take on at this immediate time, accomplish that project then move on to the next. If you try to complete everything at once, then chances are burn out is waiting for you around the corner, and your idea may not be brought to life the way you visioned it to be because your time was spent on managing and taking care of way too many things.

I’ve come to recognize my creative and excited child like behaviour, so for me, I have to keep myself in check. It’s a progress but one that is worth my personal development, and believe me its a work in progress one that makes me laugh and one that makes me shake my head with frustration at times, but overall I love being a creative mess, I just need to clean up before the mess takes over my life.

Kay-Ann Ward